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Tusita Resort Is The Perfect Getaway


As kids we used to play a game when travelling to the seaside; the first person to spot the sea would win a few pennies to spend while on holiday. Arriving at Tusita Resort & Spa Chumphon, you can see the sea several kilometres away and it takes your breath away. So it was no surprise that I was as excited as a teenager as we checked in to one of Chumphon’s secret gems.


The resort is secluded to say the least; the nearest 7-11 store is a 30-minute drive. But given that we intended to kick back for a long weekend, thoughts of civilisation were the last thing on our minds. We soon forgot the distance needed to reach the small town of Tungtako as we had everything we required at the resort, from a splendid swimming pool with whirlpool, a gym, choice of two restaurants and a spa.


Wrinkles Be Gone…..Migraines Too


Migraine affects millions of people around the world and is a misery for many of its sufferers. This severe form of vascular headache is painful and at times unbearable for those unlucky enough to suffer from it.

The common symptoms are sustained by intense headaches, dizziness, nausea and sensitivity to bright light and loud noises. The actual causes of migraine are still under debate but studies show that many of them are triggered by external environmental stress.


Viva La Venetian

Whatever the weather outside, be it rain or shine, at The Venetian Macau you can shop to your heart’s content. With one million square feet at its disposal, The Venetian decided to do something never before seen in Asia; it created three canals each 490 feet long and lined them with over 300 speciality shops, 30 fine-dining restaurants and a one thousand-seat international food court.


The Grand Canal Shoppes is a truly world-class retail experience that has no other equal in the region. Designed to look and feel like Venice, the mall even has a blue sky complete with clouds, which as you amble along and look it seem as if they are actually moving. As night falls outside, so the lights that light up the Venetian sky dim just a little. The three canal routes that span almost the entire hotel are named the Grand District, Marco Polo District and San Luca District.


Beauty Comes From Within


Many people are asking “Is it important for me to detoxify my body to delay ageing?” and the answer is very simple; Yes. As we have started to understand more about the ageing process – what it is and why it happens; the clearer it becomes that the build up of toxins in our body is a major factor. Living in the anti-ageing era means we want the whole body to be functioning optimally. With new technologies we can prevent disease and inhibit ageing before it happens.


The Ultimate Lost World

Unlike most of the resorts I’ve visited over the last 20 years, my first encounter with Soneva Kiri by Six Senses actually took place at the airport and not a plush lobby or a private executive floor. The service was very professional, amazingly discreet, and personalized to the point that it felt like we had our own butler to take us from the check-in desk, to the airport lounge, and finally to the plane. And the first-class service did not stop there; it continued like a silky magic carpet carrying us effortlessly from the plane to the speedboat and finally to the arms of our very own Mrs. Friday. In a matter-of-fact way, we were asked to adjust our watches to Soneva Kiri time, which is one hour ahead of Thailand and thus gives you a little more sunshine late into the evening.


A Taste Of Paradise

As our Thai Airways flight made its final turn to line up for landing at Phuket International Airport, we dipped below the fluffy white clouds and suddenly from my window seat I could see the appealing azure waters of the Andaman Sea. The Airbus A330-300 flight from Bangkok was packed with eager-faced holiday-makers all wanting to deplane and head to the wonderful beaches we were now only a few thousand feet above.


The Amari Factor

After a five-hour drive from Bangkok and a twenty-minute ferry crossing, it was a relief to have finally reached our destination. We turned off the car’s air-conditioning, turned up the music, and opened every window as we drove along the hilly coastline heading to Klong Prao Beach, a quiet stretch of coast that would be our home for the next three days.


Peaceful Pranburi

While Hua Hin continues to attract the bulk of the attention –and as a consequence most of theinvestment – Pranburi, the sleepy fishing town next door is slowly gainingtraction.AstheRoyal beach resort and thelargest town in Prachuab Khiri Khan Provincefills up with local and international touristson long weekends and holidays, those with a little more time on their hands are more likely to drive the extra fifty or so kilometres andenjoy atotally differentexperience at a resort in Pranburi.