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For more than 20 years, Punch Media’s mission has been to provide ‘state-of-the-art media solutions to Thai and international businesses seeking to develop competitive marketing capabilities. In today’s commercial world, businesses from every industry imaginable are seeking to capitalise on the printed word through corporate newsletters and magazines, as well as via the Internet. This is especially true here in Asia where costs are significantly lower than in North America and the European Union for both printed and electronic formats.


As an established player in the Asian media industry, Punch Media represents the coming together of a group of professionals with a combined wealth of experience in print publishing, sales and marketing, graphic design and Internet-related experience.


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Leaving Thailand


In 1988, Steve Rosse took a break from a career in the New York City film and television industry for a three-month holiday on Phuket, an island off the Western coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. He decided he liked Phuket more than he liked New York, and without any idea of what he’d do for a living, he took up residence on the island. He supported himself, and eventually his wife and children, for most of the next decade as a freelance journalist and columnist.


His column, “The Rock”, appeared in The Nation, Thailand’s Independent Newspaper, every Sunday for five years. The stories in his first two books originally appeared in publications around the Pacific Rim, from Honolulu to Christchurch.


In 1997, he moved to Iowa for the surfing. He now lives in New Mexico and is still hunting the perfect wave.









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Areeya Metaya, The Journey to Meeting God


What if, by chance, you stepped into an interplanetary portal that transported you to another parallel world, a planet that is so similar to Earth but one where its inhabitants could telepathically read thought waves? How would you interact with these friendly beings – including your soulmate – that you meet along your journey in this parallel world who kindly share with you their way of life, history and civilisation of love? What if you had to make a choice between living the rest of your life with your newly-found happiness in this parallel world, or giving everything up (including your soulmate) and returning to Earth with a mission to tell mankind the actions they must take to avoid the destruction of their own world and their own species?


Areeya Metaya, The Journey to Meeting God is written by Thatree Pokavanich, a graduate of Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Arts majoring in Painting. His initial goal was to be a recognised artist but since his love of drawing small animals and nature was too niche to be widely sold, he channelled his creative energy into being a full-time graphics designer. He loves a good story and can be spellbound by every movie he watches, even if it has been viewed more than once.









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To The Ends Of The Earth

To The Ends of The Earth is yet another novel that Pimaxara has delicately crafted. Entertaining and a perfect blend of fantasy, adventure, and magic, the tale tells of a love that seamlessly ties together all the characters. Its complex storyline paves the way for the happy ending that comes with a twist, making it an unforgettable read. What sets Till The End of The Earth apart is the creation of a fantasy land. Each kingdom comes to life with its own myth and tale and language. The same God commands different levels of respect and worship in each of the Kingdoms. The Moon Goddess is revered in the wintry terrain where people surviving the frosty cold can best appreciate the constant source of light; conversely, those living in the humid land of fire might overlook the brightness of the moon in the wake of the sun.


Such realistic representation of worship reflects truth in our society and community, Pimaxara seamlessly brought to light such humanistic truth in her tale. Even if the purpose of a novel is to entertain, if readers can take away this lesson as a motivation to face problems in life, Till The End of The Earth can double as an excellent “How To (face the problems in life)” book.


Poonnistha Witchayasiwanon (a.k.a. Pimaxara) is from Chiang Mai northern Thailand. An avid bookworm, she has always loved the art of writing and wanted to become a writer. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Manchester in the UK. A year after returning and working in a full-time position, she resigned to help out with the family’s business and to have more time to write and travel as she wished.


She wrote her first book in 2012, which later became a finalist in the second Suphat Sawatdirak Novel Competition, and it was finally published in 2016. Since then, Pimaxara has published six other novels, with the seventh in the publishing process and the eighth in the process of writing. Her latest novel To The Ends of The World won the second prize in a literary competition held by An Owl Kao Raek (www.anowl.co.). When not writing books, Pimaxara likes to travel all over the world and regularly blogs about her journeys.



For more information, please email: philip@punchmedia.co.th.