Classic Cantonese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine spans a number of different styles but one of the best known and most influential is Cantonese cuisine. Right here in the City of Angels we have one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Fei Ya at Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel. Chef Chin Choi heads the popular eatery and is widely accepted as one of the very best Cantonese chefs in Thailand.


The restaurant is bedecked with classic Chinese colours, intricate woodwork, eye-catching motifs and images. The female staff wear beautiful full-length red gowns, while the guys sport traditional red jackets and black trousers. The tasteful décor spans black lattice woodwork, splashes of red and gold to huge farmer hat-type light shades that hang over every table. Table settings include traditional tables of two and four, semi-circle booths and private rooms.


Fei Ya’s delicious Peking Duck has become talk of the town.


As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can’t help but catch the sweet aromas of Cantonese cooking floating through the air arousing your appetite. Fei Ya – or Flying Duck in Chinese – is renowned for its succulent Peking Duck and you should not miss the opportunity to relish at least one mouthful of this amazing dish. The crispy skin and tender meat are used to make classic pancakes while the remaining meat can be cooked in a variety of styles and served as a main course.


Obviously, if you’re not au fait with Chinese cuisine, I recommend a selection of delicious dim sum and serving of duck pancakes with scallion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce as well as a mouthwatering dried lychee. This will give you a fair introduction to the wide-ranging choices available. The a la carte menu is simply bursting with world-class Cantonese dishes so don’t be afraid to push your culinary tastes to the limit.


If a whole duck is too much, try the mouth-watering pancakes.


Chef Choi is well known for designing the extensive and sumptuous menus for dim sum, as well as Cantonese dishes. Trained in classical Chinese culinary techniques and specialising in ethnic cuisine, he has more than 25 years of culinary experience gained in many parts of the world. Adhering to the three main principles of colour, smell and taste, Chef Choi ensures that every dish served at Fei Ya is an absolute delight to eat.


Browsing the extensive menu we skipped over the Classic Set Menus for six, eight and ten people that feature all the most popular dishes, until we found the dim sum selection. We opted for a wide selection of dim sum that included pork, prawn, crab and vegetable fillings. I carefully picked up my first prawn dumpling with chopsticks, gently dipped it in soy sauce and popped it in my mouth to enjoy a taste sensation. We spent the next 30 minutes enjoying a variety of marvellous morsels that seemed to get better with each bite.


As a group of three, a whole Peking Duck would have been a little bit too much, so we ordered a serving of 12 lychee wood roasted Peking Duck pancakes with cucumber, spring onion, hoi sin sauce and dried lychee. There is a great deal of enjoyment in building your own pancake roll; spreading the hoi sin sauce, adding the right amount of vegetables, carefully placing one or two slices of duck, then ever so gently rolling the pancake and tucking the sides in so as not to lose any of the mouthwatering filling.


Chef Chin Choi attends to his wonderful dim sum creations.


Apart from its famed duck items, Fei Ya’s menu also includes a number of delicious abalone, seafood, pork, beef and poultry dishes. What’s more, it is also popular with vegetarians and has a wide range of tasty vegetable dishes as well as dedicated vegetarian options. After each mouthful of scrumptious cuisine, the best way to cleanse the palate is with a sip or two of hot Chinese tea.


With our bellies at almost bursting point, we could not leave without trying a sample from the dessert menu and the Mango pudding with lychee, pomelo and coconut sorbet as well as the Chilled sago with cantaloupe melon in young coconut both caught our eye. Without a doubt we experienced a fantastic culinary journey through Cantonese cuisine, but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.



Source: Punch Media Digital.

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