Renowned Retro Thai Restaurant

Renowned Retro Thai Restaurant

We recently had the pleasure of dining at Bangkok ’78, a renowned retro Thai restaurant nestled in the heart of Bangkok at Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, a Vignette Collection. From the moment we stepped through the doors, we were greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance that set the stage for an extraordinary culinary experience.


The restaurant’s interior design strikes a harmonious balance between modern elegance and traditional Thai elements. The soft lighting, soothing jazzy music, and tasteful décor created an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for an evening of dining. However, if you wanted to make it more of a party with friends or loved ones, then try booking one of the private rooms which can seat up to 14 guests.


Renowned Retro Thai Restaurant
The interior design takes diners back to another era.


The staff at Bangkok ’78 were friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. Our waiter for the night was quick to offer recommendations and answer questions – both in Thai and English – we had about the menu. Their passion for Thai cuisine was evident in the way they described each dish, making us even more excited to try the dishes we ordered.


Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the food. Bangkok ’78 exceeded our expectations with its delectable array of Thai dishes that showcased the depth and complexity of flavours that Thai cuisine is famous for. Chef Phukvarun ‘Golf’ Watchmon has gone all out on the menu, which not only features a line-up of classic Thai dishes, but also a selection of Western classics and a Chef’s Creation multi-dish menu.


Renowned Retro Thai Restaurant
Chef Golf works on her famous ‘fish’ ice cream.


Browsing the appetisers, we ordered fried shrimp balls with pork and egg white, served with plum sauce and shrimp paste with soybean oil. These are ‘super’ size shrimp balls packed with delicious flavours that are only bolstered with a dip in the plum sauce or shrimp paste. The balance of flavours Chef Golf and her culinary team have achieved was spot on, and each mouthful left me craving more.


For our main course, we opted for three standout dishes, namely: Betel leaf curry with crab meat and prawn, served with rice noodles and soft-boiled egg; stir-fried chayote leaves with mushroom and garlic; and deep-fried seabass with green mango spicy salad. The curry was as fiery as expected, almost taking my breath away with the first spoonful, but somehow the crab meat and prawns were exceptionally tender.


Renowned Retro Thai Restaurant
The fiery betel leaf curry.


The refreshingly tasty stir-fried chayote leaves was the perfect balance to the deep-fried sea bass and with a side of fluffy jasmine rice, the pair complemented each other wonderfully. The fish was beautifully presented and was a highlight of our dining experience. One other thing that stood out to us was the large portions. Make sure you take an appetite with you or otherwise you could be asking for take-away doggy bags.


Renowned Retro Thai Restaurant
The super-sized shrimp balls.


For dessert, we indulged in the aloe vera compote with butterfly pea syrup and lime juice and the surprisingly good sea bass ice cream with turmeric and shallot, topped with palm sugar caramel sauce, crunchy oats, cornflakes and pumpkin seeds. A typical Thai dessert was matched with one very special and slightly odd dessert taken from Chef Golf’s television appearance on Top Chef Thailand when she had to make a dessert from sea bass. It must be tasted to be appreciated but nevertheless, it was the perfect ending to a memorable meal.


Renowned Retro Thai Restaurant
The uniquely flavoured ice cream tastes amazing.


Bangkok ’78 is a gem among the vast array of dining options this fantastic city has to offer. The restaurant provides an authentic Thai dining experience, showcasing the vibrant flavours and meticulous attention to detail that makes Thai cuisine so special. From the impeccable service to the remarkable food, Bangkok ’78 truly delivers an exceptional culinary journey that will leave your taste buds satisfied and craving for more.


Bangkok ’78 at is open daily from 11.30am – 5 pm (lunch) and 5pm – 10:30 pm (dinner).


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2796 – 8888 or email:



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