Wellness and Stylish Staycations

Vacations are supposed to be a happy time when you sign out from work and head to your favourite destination. These days, however, millions more people are also travelling at the same time and lengthy queues at airports, bus and train stations can be quite stressful. So when you have the chance to experience a ‘staycation’ or holiday in your own town or city, things are much less hectic and you’re able to unwind faster.


Now, Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 is offering you the chance to relax in the comfort of well-appointed rooms, dine on fresh organic cuisine and rejuvenate your tired limbs in the fabulous Well Spa. Fitness programs such as yoga, Thai boxing, aqua-exercise and aero cardio are held in the mornings and late afternoons, while the Well Fit gym is open from 6am – 10pm.


The spacious Well Hotel executive suite offers guests the convenience of in-room exercise facilities.


While many Westerners take their annual holidays during the summer months from June to September, whisking their kids off to the beach close to home or in some cases as far afield as Southeast Asia, Thais generally save up their holidays and add them to the national holidays of Songkran – the Thai New Year – and other long holidays.


But taking a two-day break during the week is now easier than ever thanks to the changing habits of savvy travellers. We spent a peaceful couple of days at Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 and took advantage of their activity calendar, dining options and spa treatments. Two days later, we left feeling much healthier, a lot fitter and totally refreshed. If you want to opt for a health-conscious staycation that suits your busy lifestyle where gentle exercise, nourishing food and a comfortable bed helps you to recharge your batteries, then Well Hotel’s mid-week breaks have been crafted to fit the bill.



The award-winning wellness hotel builds on a trinity of therapies: spa, food and exercise to attract food-loving travellers who enjoy health living. Exercise programs, food and drink menus and spa treatments have all been created to appeal to a wide range of tastes and requirements. Ailments such as jetlag, office syndrome, computer eye syndrome, migraine, insomnia and pre-menstrual tension can all be addressed with healthy drinks, good food and massages.


After checking-in – there’s an express lane for those who book online, we dropped our bags, changed into our fitness attire and headed to the rooftop gym, where under the guidance of our fitness instructor we completed the afternoon duo of Sexy Abs and Aero Cardio workouts. It was now time for a little snooze and the Well Hotel beds are truly built for a good night’s sleep – or in our case an afternoon nap.


Later in the evening, we strolled down to the Eat Well Café for our early evening meal and feasted on some healthy and delicious Thai and Asian fusion dishes. The chefs at Eat Well Café have crafted a food specific therapy menu that goes a long way in easing many of the common health issues suffered by urban dwellers. We highly recommend a choice of starters such as the Quinoa Mango and Prawn Salad or the Thai Pomelo Pomegranate and Chicken Salad. For a main course, tempting the taste buds are Salmon Red Curry with Grain Coconut Cream topped with Kaffir Lime Leaves, Clear Mushroom Soup with Chinese Herbs Ginkgo and Goji Berry and Blue Crab with Betel Yellow Curry served with Brown Rice Vermicelli.



Retiring to our suite, I chilled on the large sofa watching television while my other half enjoyed a hot Lavender Salt bath, which I was later informed was out of this world. Our large bed with pillows that engulfed the head in comfort was a dream and we both slept like newborn babies. Double-glazing and heavy curtains blocked out all noise and light, allowing us to sleep much later than we normally do.


Breakfast on day two was a smorgasbord of Western and Thai favourites with plenty of healthy salads, fruits, nuts and grains as well as fresh coffee, fruit juices and smoothies. With breakfast out of the way, it was time to burn off some calories with our Aqua-exercise class. Six exercise bikes are placed in the salt-water swimming pool and with the help of our friendly coach we tried to keep pace as the music pumped and our hearts raced. This is a fantastic way to workout while also keeping cool, but be prepared for a little pain if you’re not in tip-top condition.



Later in the afternoon we both made our way to the Well Spa for our specialized treatments; I opted for the Muscle Spasm and Stiffness massage, which combines ingredients such as basil, marjoram, ylang ylang and lemongrass, while my wife had the Refresh and Boost Energy massage, which blends the oils of basil, lemon, peppermint and rosemary. Our skilled therapists were conscious of our earlier workout in the pool and slowly helped our aching limbs and muscles regain their full strength. After a light meal in the Eat Well Café, we returned to our suite and slumped into bed.


Enjoy a good night’s sleep in the delightful Well Hotel beds.


On our final morning we awoke feeling recharged and ready to jump back into our regular busy schedules, but not before we enjoyed a healthy breakfast. We packed our bags and made our way down to the lobby, where we could not help but notice a group of weary looking travellers who were checking-in. Starting up a conversation, we told them of our wonderful experience and urged them to use their precious time at Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 to the fullest and make use of all the activities available to them.


For further information on how to get more from your next staycation, call +66 (0) 2127-5995 or email: welcome@wellhotelbangkok.com.

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