Awakening With Hot Stone Massage

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a wide array of spa treatments and holistic therapies in Europe, India, South Korea, Japan and Thailand. So, please allow me to introduce to you how to achieve perfect relaxation and refill your energy levels with the full body hot stone massage now available at Spa Cenvaree, Centara Grand at CentralWorld.


From my experience, guests often remain silent while their therapist goes about their work with hot stones. However, I believe that during any phase of your treatment, if you feel uncomfortable or are not enjoy the treatment, communicate with your therapist. This is very important because treatments with hot stones can cause burns if you have sensitive skin.


At Spa Cenvaree, aromatic oil is applied to the hot river stones, which vary in size from large to small, after which the therapist places the stones in strategic points along the shoulders, back and lower spine. During the treatment, the therapist incorporates a customized massage technique directly on your shoulders, back and legs while the stones are in place or after they have been removed.



While holding the hot, smooth river stones in both hands, the therapist uses a gliding movement to slowly relax and loosen muscles. The 90-minutes treatment is the perfect tonic to unwind any stress stored in your body and reawaken muscles and joints thanks to the healing properties of the hot stones and aromatic oil.


The physiological benefits to this treatment are manifold and include increased metabolism and circulation. Your skilled therapist will ascertain where the heated stones are placed at key points on your body – or wherever you ask them to be placed – to expand blood vessels, reduce anxiety and relieve back pain.


While enjoying my treatment session, I like to increase my awakening by listening to my body and pondering mindful awareness. Regular spa treatments are known to heal and improve both physical and mental ailments inside of you. For me, I’ve found that the hot stone massage helped me to sleep better and enjoy a deep sleep.



If you would like to experience the hot stone massage, contact Spa Cenvaree at +66 (0) 2100-1234 Ext. 6511 or email

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