BREWSKI – Bangkok’s First Rooftop Craft Beer Bar

Fancy a nice beer with views to die for? Then head over to the newest rooftop beer bar BREWSKI at Radisson Blu on Sukhumvit Road,beers

We were invited along to a beer tasting event that included other members of Bangkok’s press, Radisson Blu General Manager Peter Feran, and beer specialist – or Instigator – Brain Bartusch of Beervana Thailand. A selection of bottled beers were assembled for the gathered media to sample, but with the sun just about to set, most journos were busily snapping shots of the sunset, which I may add was pretty spectacular. Once the pleasantries had been disposed with, it was time to get down to the serious matter of tasting the beers.

First up was a Japanese beer that’s brewed in Belgium and is now being exported back to Asia. A hell-of-a-round-about-way to get your beer in front of an Asian market, but once you crack open a bottle of Kagua (AVB 8%) you fully appreciate the effort that has gone into this refined wheat beer with citrus hints and subtle notes of sansho pepper. Our next beer was Summer Solstice (ABV 5%) from Anderson Valley a refreshing beer with vanilla and hints of orange on the nose, plus a biscuit-like cream soda character with restrained sweetness.

By now several of our Asian counterparts around the table were sporting reddening faces thanks in part to the high alcohol level in craft beers. Thankfully, Peter Feran and his team at BREWSKI had put plenty of finger food on our table to offset the alcohol. Moving along nicely, Brain popped open a bottle of Founders Centennial IPA (ABV 7.2%) a beer with a floral bouquet and citrus accents from the abundance of dry hopping. This is a sweet, yet balanced craft beer where malty undertones shake hands with the hop character for a finish that never turns too bitter. I’m not a fan of beers that attempt to introduce fruit, tea, coffee, and other ingredients and so it proved when we sampled the Founders Rubaeus (ABV 5.7%),a raspberry infused beer. I think one or two of the ladies present preferred this to the hoppy beers. The final beer to be presented was Tomahawk American Pale Ale (ABV 5.6%) from Tuatara, a throw back to some of the famous English IPAs of years gone by.

All in all, a visit to BREWSKI is well worth it, if not only for the views of Bangkok. For those who do like a beer, there’s a good change you’ll be coming back here on a regular basis to drink your way through the 100 or so brews on offer.

30th Floor, Radisson Blu
Serving from 5pm – 1am
Call 02 302 3333 for more info.