Awe-Inspiring Natural Vistas

Awe-Inspiring Natural Vistas

There’s no better time for travellers to recharge than when surrounded by awe-inspiring natural vistas. From the top of Mount Vigiljoch to the base of the Caucasus Mountain Range to a virgin beach on Mexico’s western coast, here are six properties – some presented by their Original owners, designers and developers – that immerse guests within and establish conscious connections with their breathtakingly rugged and wild surroundings.


Going Off Grid In Greece


Once a sanatorium and now a luxury mountain sanctuary in a stunning neoclassical building, Manna offers a secluded natural utopia, a haven for wellness and outdoor adventure. The resort, engulfed by the fir forest of Mount Mainalo, stands at an altitude of 1,200 metres in the centre of Arcadia within Greece’s mainland region of Peloponnese.


Awe-Inspiring Natural Vistas
Manna offers a secluded natural utopia at Mount Mainalo.


Just outside its doorstep, guests can forage for mushrooms, canoe in one of Europe’s cleanest and clearest rivers, ride horses among ancient trees, or explore one of the largest networks of hiking trails in the country. After all, Arcadia has, since ancient times, been considered an earthly paradise. “I love the sea, but my mind and body rest better in the mountains,” Original Stratis Batagias says. “You’re closer to nature; it feels mystical.”


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Harmonise With Nature In Vigiljoch


Perched atop Mount Vigiljoch – the jewel of the Italian Alps and accessible only via cable car – in South Tyrol, Vigilius Mountain Resort is governed by a simple principle that determines its direction and all decision making: ‘Eco, not ego.’ On this foundation, the outside blends seamlessly with the inside, united by nature as the central element. To connect guests with the natural world, architect Matteo Thun used larch wood, glass, and the guiding principle of ‘organic architecture,’ also incorporating a grass-covered roof and internally heated clay walls.


Awe-Inspiring Natural Vistas
Vigilius Mountain Resort is accessible only via cable car.


Expansive windows frame astounding panoramas of the towering Dolomites, which provide endless outdoor activities. Guests can slow down and recentre during relaxing walks and forest bathing sessions or learn about the local flora and fauna during guided hikes. Those seeking more adventure can mountain bike through verdant trails or climb to feel the bracing wind on the 2,607-metre-high Naturnser Alp.


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Experiencing New Japanese Discoveries


At Satoyama Jujo in Minami-Uonuma City, travellers immerse themselves in the Japanese countryside with a uniquely local mountain experience. “I want to expose people to the benefits of an organic lifestyle in a more authentic way,” Original Toru Iwasa says. The hotel’s exquisite Sanae Feng-Sanaburi restaurant produces tastes that cannot be found in Tokyo but rather those specific to the Niigata and Uonuma regions, while a cedar forest embraces a rare open-air hot spring bath.


Awe-Inspiring Natural Vistas
The open-air onsen bath at Satayama Jujo.


With no roof, the experience here is one coloured by the sky, shaped by the clouds and illuminated at night by moonlight and the Milky Way. Seasonal walking tours include short outings with wakanjiki, or traditional Japanese snowshoes, to catch sunrise over the majestic Mount Makihata in the winter and hillside strolls with a plant expert to learn about and pick wild mountain vegetables in the spring.


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A Georgian Mountain Hideaway


Remotely located in in Stepantsminda, Georgia, Rooms Kazbegi emerges as a geometric edifice in the shadow of the Caucasus Mountain Range. Raw wood floors, local carpets, fireplaces and an abundance of couches and bookshelves create a rustic-chic character, while travellers can connect to the remarkable mountain landscape and surrounding sites with a team of expert local guides.


Awe-Inspiring Natural Vistas
Relax with views of the Caucasus Mountain Range at Rooms Kazbegi.


Unique experiences include losing oneself in the powdered peaks on horseback, riding as locals do through the towering hills, or walking in the footsteps of spiritual pilgrims, stopping to pay visits to the Gergeti Trinity Church, the remote village of Juta and the invigorating Gveleti Waterfall. Come nightfall, guests can grab a blanket and warming tea and retreat to the outdoor deck to soak up some of most spectacular views of the starry night sky.


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Mexican Stress-Free Escape


At Grupo Habita’s Hotel Escondido, individual palapa bungalows with private plunge pools and sun decks encourage local-style indulgence in a remote Oaxacan village by the sea. Each bungalow features tropical wood flooring, polished concrete walls and slatted wooden doors in place of windows, collapsing all boundaries between the outdoors and indoors.


Awe-Inspiring Natural Vistas
Hotel Escondido is located in a remote Oaxacan village by the sea.


Located 45 minutes from Puerto Escondido, the Mexican mecca for surfing, this haven of peace and tranquillity offers guests an escape from the routine and stress of everyday life – one that is surrounded by stunningly virgin coastline and colourful cacti. Here, travellers establish a new routine rooted in the landscape and built around sun, surf and sea.


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A Secret Retreat In Taiwan


Housed in a 1958 building originally used by the Taiwanese Forestry Bureau and then as one of President Chiang Kaishek’s guesthouses, Gloria Manor is a modernist gem surrounded by some of Taiwan’s most breathtaking forestland. Specifically, the retreat is located in Kenting National Park on the country’s southern Hengchun Peninsula, where the mountainous swathe of forest also gives way to beaches perfect for surfing and snorkelling.


Awe-Inspiring Natural Vistas
Gloria Manor is surrounded by some of Taiwan’s most breathtaking forestland.


The park’s natural landscape and tropical climate also result in a rich biodiversity: Guests can join guided tours to spot sika deer as the sun rises over Shuiwaku grasslands; bird watching excursions to see wild soaring eagles; or outings to visit the Long-Shui community, one of the last few traditional rice farming areas in Taiwan.


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