Transforming The Way We Travel

Transforming The Way We Travel

In Design Hotels’ inaugural Further Forecast trend report, six mega-trends that are transforming the way we travel today, tomorrow and for years to come are defined. From addressing the environmental crisis to embracing the age of artificial intelligence, these key themes not only impact travellers but also help member hotels define their ethos and revolutionise their operations. From Mexico to the Maldives, these six properties take such future-oriented paradigm shifts to heart.


Ecology Urgency In Mexico


Leading the way in the future of the travel industry are businesses that offer sustainable solutions and align with the priorities of preserving the planet. One such place is Boca de Agua in Bacalar, Mexico, which leverages techniques including biophilic design and renewable energy to create a synergy between tourism and ecology. With a biophilic approach to design, the hotel delivers benefits for both the natural world and human health.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Boca de Agua offers a synergy between tourism and ecology.


Not a single mangrove plant was removed or damaged during building, the structures are elevated from the ground to minimise the hotel’s impact and footprint on the site and 90% of the land owned by the property remains untouched and will form part of a regeneration and conservation programme.


From a guest experience perspective, such a direct connection to nature promotes physiological and psychological well-being. In addition, electricity is provided by Ammper, a Mexico-based renewable energy supplier, while amenities and consumables are custom-made with natural and biodegradable materials by Laguna Cyprien.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Minimal changes were made to the surrounding area at Boca de Agua.


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Ancestral Wisdom To The Rescue


Amid growing concern over the long-term consequences of our current extractivist tendencies, the travel industry is also witnessing a radical shift towards exploring indigenous knowledge systems and practices. In the hopes of finding solutions to what is often referred to as a “cultural crisis of disconnection,” ancestral approaches and other ways of knowing provide old ways of tackling new problems.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Learn the ways of the locals at Otro Oaxaca.


To create Otro Oaxaca, Original Carlos Couturier of Grupo Habita looked to the local surroundings and traditions to integrate age-old local culture into this hotel in the centre of Oaxaca. The floor plan takes inspiration from the nearby ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mitla, with a cross-shaped walkway at the heart of the design, while the underground wellness centre Otro Mundo features a pool reminiscent of a cenote and roots its treatments in ancient wisdoms.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Practical designs and comfort feature throughout the hotel.


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Connected Quests In America


Another result of the cultural crisis of disconnection is widespread loneliness, with people craving deeper connections and more meaningful relationships – and this feeling is affecting how travellers navigate their hospitality choices. People are starting to prioritise places that allow them to join connected quests through offerings like membership programmes or niche communities.


Transforming The Way We Travel
San Francisco Proper Hotel hosts regular community events.


At the San Francisco Proper Hotel, Gilda’s Salon Dinners establish such a community every Friday and Saturday evening. Each night, no more than 10 guests gather to indulge on an 11-course, multi-sensory culinary experience prepared by Chef Jason Fox at the hotel’s design-driven salon. The communal setting gives way to meaningful moments and dialogue, including marvelling at Fox’s artistic presentations of inventive dishes crafted with both local and exclusive ingredients.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Comfort abounds at San Francisco Proper Hotel.


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The Maldives’ Age of Awe


Science shows that seeking more daily experiences of awe can have a transformative effect, and this knowledge is empowering travellers to truly embrace moments of wonder and appreciate the beauty that stops us in our tracks. Such moments are unending at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands, where natural wonders align with curated spaces, artworks and special events to offer unscalable moments against the awe-inspiring setting of the North Malé Atoll.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Embrace nature at Patina Maldives.


Throughout the resort visitors encounter numerous immersive, site-specific artworks, such as Skyspace Amarta by renowned American artist James Turrell. To make the work, Turrell crafted a specifically proportioned chamber with an aperture in the ceiling open to the sky, inviting guests to contemplate their own perception of forms as they immerse themselves in the sensual abundance of light, colour and openness. Turrell’s work, alongside the many others at the resort, also exemplifies the concept of neuro-aesthetics, or the power of art and design to act as an antidote to stress and anxiety.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Science and solitude merge at Patina Maldives.


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Remedial Pursuits In Italy


As the world around us continues to be increasingly unstable, travellers are carving out deeply regenerative opportunities for healing and rest, such as those provided at Eremito, an escape nestled deep in the Italian countryside. Housed in a former monastery, the Umbrian property emphasises slowness and silence so guests can disconnect from digital noise and reconnect with a more meaningful way of life.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Located in the Umbrian countryside, Eremito is a wonderful escape.


Every month a different retreat is hosted, with March featuring an epigenetic boost. The three-day experience begins with the detection of vital corporeal values, such as blood pressure and blood sugar levels, followed by a daily routine including meditation, yoga, health talks, nature walks and a vegetarian ketogenic diet. Supported by an expert yoga and meditation teacher and monitored by a doctor, participants will see how some healthy habits can influence physiological values directly linked to the aging of cells, increasing well-being and longevity. Come April, the focus shifts to discovering one’s true essence through a four-day programme aimed at helping guests recentre within themselves.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Rustic yet remarkable, life at Eremito.


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The Greek Intelligence Era


The implications of artificial intelligence span industries, with debates revolving around its potential risks and benefits. While AI is significantly impacting planning and booking processes in the tourism industry, it is also being used to invigorate external communications and stimulate fascinating discussions.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Dexamenes is turning to AI to promote itself.


Dexamenes Seaside Hotel, for example, posted on Instagram a carousel of stunning images featuring dancers performing around a disused wine silo on the hotel’s property in Kourouta, Greece. The accompanying caption prompted its community to reflect on the question of whether AI-generated art is, in fact, art. The end of the caption, however, revealed a twist: the photos had actually been generated with Midjourney and the text was written by ChatGPT.


Transforming The Way We Travel
Guests will still receive traditional Greek hospitality.


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