From Seed To Fork

From Seed To Fork

Michelin-starred Japanese mountain vegetables and the country’s finest rice. Foraging for edible flora and fauna on a Mexican peninsula. Georgia’s first vertical farm and a partnership with Europe’s largest regenerative farm. At these six member hotels, farm-to-table and from seed to fork cuisine takes on new meaning: produce is grown directly onsite, with each restaurant acting as a beacon for visitors to gather alongside locals and enjoy the freshest flavours of the region.


At Home In Mexico


Providing access to over a mile of beachfront and 177 acres of palm groves, Hotelito at MUSA is a retreat for the modern traveller on a mini peninsula in Guerrero, Mexico. The sprawling grounds feature an organic garden growing produce used at the in-house restaurant Alba, where seasonal menus are served amongst an open-air ambiance. Chef-driven, produce-focused and quality-forward, Alba brings a community spirit to elevated dining.


From Seed To Fork
Hotelito at MUSA is located in acres of palm groves.


Chef’s Table experiences offer custom eight-course tasting menus, with each dish presenting the best of local technique and terroir. Guests who want to go the extra mile can even participate in a farm and field foraging session to tour the property’s edible gardens and wild-growing flora and fauna.


From Seed To Fork
The Chef’s Table at Hotelito by MUSA features local produce.


For more information and reservations, call +52 (0) 755 – 106 – 8611 or email:


Traditional Japanese Harvests


In Minami-Uonuma City, Japan, Satoyama Jujo’s Michelin-starred restaurant Sanaburi produces tastes unique to the region. Under the direction of chef Keiko Kuwakino – whose specialties are mountain vegetables and body-healing spices in the Ayurvedic tradition – the menu emphasises the naturally occurring flavours of fresh, local and organic ingredients.


From Seed To Fork
Beautiful mountain views at Minami-Uonuma City.


After the spring thaw, the staff head into the mountains to collect a stunningly wide variety of vegetables, including wild ferns and butterbur shoots. Some of the harvest is served fresh, while some is preserved using traditional methods in the winter. No matter the time of year, the main dish is Minami-Uonuma’s Koshihikari rice – often considered the best rice in Japan – which rounds out the fully organic meals, letting the natural ingredients speak for themselves.


From Seed To Fork
Organic produce at Satoyama Jujo’s Michelin-starred restaurant Sanaburi.


For more information and reservations, call +81 (0) 257 – 836 – 777.



Georgia’s Culinary Heritage


At Stamba Hotel in Tbilisi, the in-house Café Stamba celebrates Georgia’s culinary heritage through an avant-garde and fresh take on the country’s classic dishes. The all-day menu is crafted from fresh, seasonal ingredients – some of which are produced onsite at Space Farms, the country’s first urban vertical farming project, and Udabno Lab, a zero-waste production site for almond-based products.


From Seed To Fork
Stamba Hotel in Tbilisi celebrates Georgia’s culinary heritage.


Space Farms, built across seven levels of racks offering 200-square-metres of surface, cultivates baby greens, leafy greens and edible flowers as well as strawberries and miniature vegetables. Udabno Lab, meanwhile, transforms organic almonds harvested from Europe’s largest regenerative farm into an array of edible products like oil, milk and ice cream. For ingredients sourced offsite, Stamba works with the Georgian Farmers’ Association to assure farm-to-table quality.


From Seed To Fork
Stamba Hotel works Space Farms for seasonal ingredients.


Island Life In Greece


Cuisine is central to the Cretan way of life – a fact recognised in the island’s UNESCO-protected food heritage and one that Cretan Malia Park takes seriously. From traditional recipes to the region’s bounty of produce, every element of Crete’s culinary identity is interwoven into the food and beverage offerings at the resort. The three primary restaurants – helmed by lauded chef Athinagoras Kostakos – use ingredients handpicked from the hotel’s onsite garden and from local farms to serve a sustainable selection of Cretan, Italian and Mediterranean specialties.


From Seed To Fork
Enjoy island life at Cretan Malia Park.


An abundance of Cretan wines also allows guests to experience the island’s recently revived wine industry. Plus, one of the property’s most standout programmes is the Phāea Farmers project, through which staff working as farmers during low season are supported and guided toward more sustainable land use and organic farming methods, with their produce used in the hotel’s kitchens during high season.


From Seed To Fork
Chef Athinagoras Kostakos uses local produce at Cretan Malia.


For more information and reservations, call +30 (0 289 – 703 – 1461 or email:


Organic Farming In Portugal


At Immerso Hotel, in Ericeira, Portugal, celebrated chef Alexandre Silva – whose Lisbon restaurant LOCO was awarded a Michelin star – produces fresh and straightforward cuisine that values the local terroir and relies on harvests from organic producers. The menus at each of the hotel’s two restaurants, Emme and Emme on Fire, focus on sustainably caught seafood and farm-fresh ingredients, many of which are sourced from an onsite organic garden growing around 30 types of vegetables, fruits and herbs.


From Seed To Fork
Immerso Hotel is a short drive from the seafront.


As the first destination restaurant in the area, Emme on Fire offers an experience immersed in nature, where the primary element of the kitchen is fire. Here, authentic dishes arise from charcoal embers or the wood-fired oven. Emme, on the other hand, offers a casual atmosphere and Atlantic cuisine: dishes are based on what the ocean provides, including fish and saline-tasting plants from Berlenga and Ericeira sourced daily from a local fish market.


For more information and reservations, call ‎+351 (0) 261 – 104 – 420.


Holistic Well-Being In The United kingdom


On a leafy corner in West London, Inhabit Southwick Street is rooted in a holistic concept of well-being, expressed in everything from meditation spaces and strategic partnerships with social enterprises to the culinary offerings. An all-day menu, prepared and served by neighbour restaurant Yeotown, features an abundant range of plant-based dishes, cold-pressed juices made to order, coffees and teas.


From Seed To Fork
Inhabit Southwick Street is close to London’s Paddington Station.


Inspired by a distinct Californian approach to food, the kitchen aims at wholesome nourishment in harmony with the hotel’s overall wellness-first concept. Here, food is not only fresh, filling, and delicious, but aimed at restoring both the body and mind.


From Seed To Fork
Plant-based dishes are served at Yeotown.


For more information and reservations, call +44 (0) 207 – 479 – 2333 or email:




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