The Hyatt Regency Experience

The Hyatt Regency Experience

If you are looking for a downtown hotel that perfectly matches the vision of a modern and vibrant city with a traditional and tranquil home, then look no further than the Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit where the Hyatt Regency experience really comes to life. Throughout the hotel, works of art, local accents and custom-made fixtures catch the eye wherever you look, conveying a distinctive yet humble elegance.


Located in Bangkok’s lively Nana district, you might expect a colourful and edgy interior that smacks of ‘wow’, but quite the opposite is true. The spacious lobby has a down-to-earth feel as cool, dark colours are juxtaposed with warm tones and touches of aged bronze and golden patinas. As guests sip freshly brewed coffees, chat in the living room style lounge or check-in at the one-of-a-kind reception desk, a large gold sculpture of an embracing couple by national artist Ajarn Nontiwat Jantanapalin keeps a watchful eye over the proceedings.


The Hyatt Regency Experience
A visual feast: The Lobby at Hyatt Regency Bangkok.


Throughout the hotel, if you look closely enough you will find numerous works of arts from some of Thailand’s most renowned artists that depict both modern and traditional ways of life. Apart from the eternally embraced couple and the handmade, gold panelled reception desk gracing the lobby, a large ethereal painting adorns an entire wall near the hotel’s lifts. Painted by Ajarn Thanakrit Thipwaree, the image is an interpretation of a fantasy riverside Thai community that reflects freedom, happiness and abundance. My favourite area of the hotel is the Sukhumvit Gallery where you’ll find a series of iconic images of Sukhumvit Road from Nana to Asoke.


For those coming to Bangkok to explore everything the City of Angels has to offer, this stylish hotel has a direct connection to the BTS Skytrain system via a sky bridge. The soon-to-be-complete skywalk will further add to its attractive location as guests will have convenient access to nearby shopping malls and office buildings as well as several tourist attractions high above the busy road below.


The Hyatt Regency Experience
The relaxing garden view lobby lounge.


While most buildings in the upper central business district (CBD) feature concrete and glass exteriors, a stunning green barrage of nature greets guests entering Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit. This welcoming feature also covers large parts of the sixth floor where the outdoor swimming pool is partially wrapped in a verdant curtain. The addition of such large and lush al fresco spaces offers an alternative contrast to the city’s skyline.


Two of Thailand leading design companies spearheaded the concept for Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit with the Office for Bangkok Architects (OBA) handling the creation of the feminine exterior of the hotel and PIA Interior setting the standard for the plush interior, including the wooden carvings that line the hallways and feature in guest rooms. Meanwhile, the acclaimed Tokyo-based Super Potato was the creative agency behind the hotel’s crown jewel, Spectrum Lounge & Bar, which starts on the 30th floor with a superbly crafted lounge then covers two additional outdoor levels.


The Hyatt Regency Experience
Floor-to-ceiling windows mean unobstructed city views.


With 273 well-appointed guest rooms, including 21 luxurious suites, Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit definitely hits all the right buttons and has something for every taste and every budget. The 35-sqm standard guest room has numerous standout features and feels quite spacious thanks to the clever use of false ceilings, ingenious room layout and floor-to-ceiling windows. In keeping with the latest cleanliness and hygienic standards due to Covid-19, guests can also request use of the Hyatt Mobile Entry technology so they can open their door with their smartphone instead of the traditional key card.


For my Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit staycation, I received an email a few days beforehand inviting me to check-in in advance. This ensured that when I arrived at the hotel around 2pm, my details were already in the system and check-in only took a few minutes. With a very important business meeting the following morning at 9am, I chose Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit primarily for its central location, connection to the Skytrain and because I wanted to experience the new collaboration between Market Café – one of my favourite Thai restaurants – and the Michelin-starred, award-winning Khao restaurants.


The Hyatt Regency Experience
Stylish and functional: The open kitchen at Market Café.


Market Café has been thrilling diners with its unique take on authentic Thai cuisine since the day it opened. I adore the large open restaurant’s casual atmosphere, live cooking stations and inspirational décor. The re-imagined Market Café by Khao really brings together the four corners of Thailand’s delectable cuisine – from traditional to modern – to create a magnificent combination of fiery flavours, sublime textures and exhilarating tastes. If you are looking for a culinary journey through the Kingdom’s myriad of ingredients and cooking styles, then here you’ve found just the ticket.


A sample menu should include, but not be limited to, Gaeng Runjuan (Spicy clear shrimp paste soup), Gruay Garee Gai (savoury cone filled with minced chicken curry dip) as well as Phad Thai Goong Mae Nam (Fried noodles with river prawn), Massaman Curry and Paneang Prik Yuak (Thai bell pepper stuffed with minced pork & shrimp in Panaeng curry). Experience a harmonious blend of herbs with delicate textures created using traditional cooking methods which radiate culinary inventiveness and distinction.


The Hyatt Regency Experience
Market Café by Khao features a fabulous new menu.


While the coronavirus pandemic has significantly slowed international tourist traffic to Thailand, Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit has become a popular hangout for stylish young Thai influencers, entrepreneurs and fashionistas. These 21st century movers and shakers have made the stunning Spectrum Rooftop Bar & Lounge one of their most favoured hangouts. A totally unique outdoor space, Spectrum serves scrumptious food and drinks and provides diners with amazing views of Bangkok.


With 1,359-square-metres of state-of-the-art meeting and event space, Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit can also accommodate a wide variety of business conferences and social gatherings. In fact, this year, couples in love who are looking for the ideal location to tie the knot, should seriously consider The Regency Ballroom, which can safely accommodate over 400 guests. Alternatively, for small corporate events, four meeting suites can be adapted to cover any type of arrangement.


The Hyatt Regency Experience
Spectrum Rooftop Bar & Lounge is one of the city’s most popular hangouts.


As I said at the beginning, I chose Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit for its location and this was obviously an auspicious decision as my meeting was a complete success. Waking early, I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at Market Café, then proceeded to my business meeting, where I was awarded a 10-year contract. I’m sure that having slept soundly in a comfortable king-sized bed, arriving refreshed and on time, contributed to my overall success. Thanks again, Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit for the experience of a lifetime.


For more information about Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit, its latest offers and for details about weddings and events, please call +66 (0) 2098–1234 or email:



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