Auriga Wellness Sanctuary

Auriga Wellness Sanctuary

For more than two hundred years, the banks of the Chao Phraya River along Charoen Krung Road have been home to Thai, Chinese, Indian and European nationals. Over the centuries, this area has celebrated the traditions of their forebears from architectural and culinary skills to therapeutic and wellness practices. And now, those seeking a touch of escapism in these age-old ways can discover a world of aesthetic and sensual pleasure at Auriga Wellness sanctuary at Capella Bangkok.


It’s impossible to jump to describing the beauty of Auriga Wellness and the stunning array of treatments and therapies without first mentioning the impeccable design and arrangement of Capella Bangkok. From the moment you step through the huge doors into the lobby, you enter a cool and relaxing paradise. Commotions vanish, heart rate slows and a calmness descends. The layout invites you to sit and marvel at the vistas over the river, once the lifeblood of Thailand’s trade with the world and its door to a nascent tourism industry.


Auriga Wellness Sanctuary
Healthy drinks and cool refreshing towels allow guests to catch their breath.


Opened during the pandemic, Capella Bangkok has resisted the onslaught of the virus in the best possible way by providing a safe and inviting environment. Strict Covid-19 measures are implemented throughout the seven-star resort-style hotel (five-star rating, plus Capella’s own two stars), with temperature checks and face masks in public areas while all members of staff are fully vaccinated. Indeed, during our visit countless guests were seen coming and going, the riverside restaurant Phra Nakhon was doing brisk business and two hardy sun worshippers were enjoying the midday sunshine by the pool.


But our focus was Auriga Wellness Bangkok where ancient Thai therapies such as Tok Sen (Hammer Massage) and Shang Dynasty-inspired Harmonised Qi treatments are among the extensive menu of spa services. The thoroughly curated mix of relaxing massage rituals, nourishing body treatments and regenerative facials is complemented by the power of modern science with 111SKIN and its medi-spa innovations from London’s famed Harley Street.


Thailand is recognised throughout the world for its outstanding approach to wellness and well-being all of which is centred in the spa. For far too long, this time-honoured tradition of correcting issues deep within the body – and some might say the mind, too – through therapeutic massages and energising essential oils has been denied to the public because of coronavirus. But now, thankfully, we are once again able to reap the benefits of a therapy at the hands of a professional masseur.


Auriga Wellness Sanctuary
The vitality pool at Auriga Wellness gives you time to truly relax.


At Auriga Wellness, your treatment really begins when you talk to the spa manager about your condition or what’s troubling you. In return, she suggests a range of massages and treatments that may alleviate any niggles, aches or pains. We discussed the benefits of each of the aromatherapy oils used at Auriga Wellness, which are gracefully named after the four rivers that join to form the Chao Phraya River: Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan.


Dabbing a spot of Ping on the back of my hand, the spa manager informed me it contained Thyme white, Rosemary and Rose and would stimulate my skin and muscles with its energising properties. Next up was Wang, which contained Rosewood, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. This, she said, would soothe and comfort, easing away stress and providing a state of relaxation. Moving on to Yom and its Rosemary, Peppermint, Frankincense properties, I felt an immediate boost thanks to its refreshing and rejuvenating aroma. And finally, Nan which I was told would bring balance to my body and mind through the combination of Lavender, Geranium, Marjoram.


Auriga Wellness Sanctuary
The twin-bathroom with jacuzzi baths, showers and vanity mirrors.


It was time to make my mind up and given that the past few weeks had been rather fraught with the existential crisis of Covid-19, lockdowns and what-not, I decided Wang would be most appropriate. Fortunately, we arrived an hour before our treatment was supposed to begin so we had the pleasure of unwinding in the spa’s relaxation area, which allowed us to enjoy the vitality pool replete with not one but three types of jacuzzi. We also had time to experience the amazing rain shower with fabulous settings that include Tropical Rain, Cold Mist and Caribbean Storm.


With almost sixty-minutes under our belt already, we were well and truly prepped for our aromatherapy treatment. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more attentive therapist than who I met at Auriga Wellness. Whether it was the temperature of the room, the height of the massage bed, the ticklishness of my feet during the foot cleaning or the pressure of her hands, she was 100% on the money. From start to finish, my therapist was totally assured in her ability to lessen the tension in my body and more than once I dozed off into slumberland, such was my relaxed state of mind.


Auriga Wellness Sanctuary
Auriga Wellness Treatment Room is where magic is performed.


We do not always realise the stresses and strains we live under, especially during the past 18 months of constant coronavirus news. Therefore, if you are looking to strip away the aches and pains, lessen the mental anguish you’re carrying and totally – and I mean totally – rejuvenate your inner self, then a visit to Auriga Wellness must be high on your list. We left Auriga Wellness on a natural high, a feeling of joy that had been missing for what seemed like an eternity. Now that we’ve come to appreciate the attention to detail, the variety of treatments and the hidden extras Auriga Wellness provides, it will only be a matter of time until we return.


For more information, call Auriga Spa at +66 (0) 2098-3888, email: or click here.


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