advanced Italian cuisine

Advanced Italian Cuisine

For dedicated Italian food connoisseurs there are a number of restaurants serving traditional fare in Bangkok. However, there is only one La Scala that is famed for its time-honoured, yet advanced Italian cuisine and that is at The Sukhothai Bangkok. An institution in itself with admirers around the world, the classic Small Luxury Hotels of the World, has been in a state of hibernation over the last 18 months.


But today, responding to a favourable change for in-dining regulations, La Scala is back doing what it does best and with a talented new chef at the helm. A native of Monferrato in Piedmont region of Italy, Chef Eugenio Cannoni thanks his grandmother for instilling a passion for cooking and ensuring that each dish he creates uses only the freshest and finest ingredients available.


advanced Italian cuisine
The amazing Amuse Brouche is a wickedly wonderful introduction to Chef Eugenio’s creative flair.


From humble beginnings in the family restaurant, Chef Eugenio has carefully crafted a path to the uppermost kitchens of the world. Successfully navigating his years at Alma di Gualtiero Marchesi, one of the most renowned cooking schools in Europe, he has let his creativity take him to ever greater heights. This includes stints at leading restaurants around the world and also as a consultant on several television shows. However, we were here not to fawn over Chef Eugenio’s credentials – although that would be incredibly easy, but for the specific task of relishing his undoubted culinary prowess.


La Scala is now implementing an e-menu whereby you scan the QR code provided and order from your personal device. Fewer touchpoints these days, you see. Diners can also simply ask Chef Eugenio’s Viaggio Gastronomico, which presents itself in either six or eight magical courses. We chose the 8-course journey through a kaleidoscope of produce from the land and sea and flavours as contrasting as horseradish, fermented wild cabbage and black truffle.


advanced Italian cuisine
Pleasing palates from Piedmont to Bangkok, Chef Eugenio Cannoni.


Prior to setting off on our culinary expedition, Chef Eugenio graced our table with his presence, the handsome Piemontese wizard imparting words of wonder about seasonal ingredients, traditional tastes and innovative cooking techniques he’d gathered together throughout his professional career. His newly launched menu at La Scala is based upon autumnal elements, much like sophisticated Japanese cuisine, whereby seasonality presents its own distinctive ingredients.


The courses are elegantly titled and often reflect the main ingredient used in each course, such as Scampo, Fegato Grasso, Capesante, Ravioli, Fusillo, Aragosta, Manzo and Monte Bianco. The juxtaposition of flavours aside, I was struck by the beauty of the presentation. For me, I saw flashes of Jackson Pollock in the Scampo entrée, flicks of madder red against a titanium white backdrop, Claude Monet and his viridian green in the Oxtail ravioli and David Hockney with his bright colours in the Roasted Lobster, Salsa Verde, Garlic Milk and Anchovies. Culinary grace combined with artistic endeavour on a plate. Stupefacente!! Encore per favore!


advanced Italian cuisine
Aragosta: Roasted Lobster, Salasa Verde, Garlic Milk, Anchovies.


Like a night at the Teatro alla Scala, diners should be prepared for grandeur on a scale that’s been sadly unavailable since coronavirus. The award-winning La Scala effortlessly combines themes from Milan’s operatic gift to the world with The Sukhothai’s inimitable cultural heritage. And, to top the wonderful décor, diners are given an unparalleled glimpse into the action with the open kitchen on full display. For guests seeking a little privacy while they dine, a private dining room is hidden by translucent screens that offer a space that is enclosed yet light and airy.


advanced Italian cuisine
Fegato Grasso: Pan-Seared Foie Gras, Onions, Calamansi.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2344-8888 Ext. 8654 or click here for La Scala online.

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