Detoxify To Delay Ageing

Many people are asking “Is it important for me to detoxify to delay ageing?” and the answer is very simple; Yes. As we have started to understand more about the ageing process – what it is and why it happens; the clearer it becomes that the build up of toxins in our body is a major factor. Living in the anti-ageing era means we want the whole body to be functioning optimally. With new technologies we can prevent disease and inhibit ageing before it happens.


These days most of us are aware of the root causes of toxic build up – poor diet, heavy metals and plastic residues in our food and water and environmental pollutants from the air.


Symptoms of high toxicity include fatigue, random body aches and pains, allergies, immunity problems and dull skin. The first step is diagnosis. We have two main methods for this. Firstly we take a finger-prick of ‘live blood’ in order to view the amount and condition of red corpuscles. The size, shape and grouping of the cells can indicate many things – ph balance (related to protein), nutrient levels and anti-oxidant levels to name a few. Bacteria, heavy metals, lipids and white corpuscles are also clearly evident. The patients are amazed to see the highly magnified sample of their own active blood a computer screen.


Apart from blood analysis, another diagnostic tool we have is the EIS (Electromagnetic Interstitial Scanner), which checks the interstitial water in the organs. It actually measures all the systems in the body, levels of homeostasis, lean body mass, fat and interstitial fluid. We can also use it to optimise weight loss by monitoring how the body reacts to exercise, shedding water, muscle or fat. The EIS shows which organs need attention.


Detoxify To Delay Ageing
Five a day? Add these items to detoxify your body.


By diagnosing tendencies, we can address the pathology before it happens, thereby preventing disease. Hospital diagnosis reveals an abnormality only after there is an existing problem. As the old adage states: prevention is better than cure.


According to the results of the diagnosis, we are able to commence an appropriate programme of detoxification. There are many kinds of detoxification. Some you can do at home – if you want to cleanse your liver, you just eat apples, easy! If you want to flush out the kidneys you increase your daily intake of water to 3-4 litres.


Nutrition is our first line of defence when it comes to restoring well-being. We can look at the results of the tests and see which trace elements and vitamins and anti-oxidants are missing and customise a prescription accordingly. This takes the haphazard guesswork out of self prescription!


For more sophisticated detoxification however, you need technical assistance. Cleansing the blood and the digestive system is a far more complex matter so we have modern equipment and techniques to help.


Q: Will I feel better right away after my detox?

A: Some people feel better right away and begin to gain energy and well-being. But when you have chemicals, bacteria, or yeasts within your body that have been trapped for months, or years, it’s going to feel a little unpleasant removing it. Some people complain of headaches or flu-like symptoms. But this is the worst case scenario.


Alternative wellness and beauty glowing from within: that’s what we are going for!


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Source: Dr. Nantapat Supapannachart – American Board Certified Dermatologist and Owner and Founder of Apex Profound Beauty.

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