Treating Illness At The Root

Dr. Orawan Holistic Institute was established back in 1988 by the world-famous guru in holistic health, Dr. Orawan Kitchawengkul M.D. Over the decades, her philosophy has remained the same: blend the best of Eastern and Western medicines effectively and harmoniously.


This holistic approach has given birth to a whole range of innovative solutions for holistic health and natural beauty treatments. Dr. Orawan’s commitment to incorporating the best solutions and treatments has energised her clients who now not only look younger but feel healthier as well.


“After working my day shift at the Royal Thai Air Force Hospital, I would go home and open my clinic. I also used to open my home to customers at the weekend, too. After more than a decade of studying and training at Beckman Laser Institute, UCI and Massachusetts General hospital and Harvard Medical School in the US, I was able to resign and concentrate full-time on building my business. Mine was the first clinic in Thailand to offer all kinds of laser treatments,” says Dr. Orawan.


Treating Illness At The Root – Integrative Medicine


“Two people really inspired me; my teacher and role model General Prasop Nitidhantaprapas, a pioneer in dermatology in Thailand who recommended my laser studies in the US and my father. Unfortunately, my father died a very painful death and it made me focus on how I could help other people avoid such a painful way to die. Both my elder brother and sister are specialist doctors and they helped treat my father, but to no avail. His death made me think there must be a better way of healing patients. So I set out to learn more about Integrative Medicine. Today, Integrative Medicine is my passion and that’s why I’ve opened the Dr. Orawan Holistic institute here to teach others this skill.


“I would say my services are different because I am constantly evolving my practice. I now specialise in dermatology, beauty treatments and anti-ageing. I also offer traditional Chinese and Thai medicine as well as cell and Biopeptide Therapy, Phytochemical, Laser and Fibre Optic Laser. The latter uses different light spectrums to cure a wide range of ailments. Each laser colour has its own properties from red, blue, green, yellow and infrared. Certain coloured laser beams are better alternatives for serious illness. This is what I am able to provide to my clients. We really are state-of-the-art in what we provide and help treat the illness at the root. This goes for cancer and even renal failure.


“Social media has been really good for my business as I can now interact with my clients wherever they are. If they need to have a consultation then they can come to the clinic. I love Q&A sessions with my clients, especially those from overseas who have been coming to see for a number of years. Many foreigners come to have a skin check-up as they are worried about skin cancer and now they are able to do this not only in Bangkok, but also at Orawana Holistel in Phuket.


“I have two groups of doctors at my clinic: Conventional MD and Integrative MD. We all work harmoniously to provide the perfect holistic care to our clients and be their ultimate solution for their chronic illness, anti-aging and beauty,” adds Dr. Orawan.

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