Pampered At Pañpuri Organic Spa

Since returning to Thailand in late March, we followed the health and safety advice from the government and self-isolated for 15 days, after which we respected the stay at home policy. So after almost 100 days of virtually total isolation, a spa treatment at the well-appointed Pañpuri Organic Spa at Park Hyatt Bangkok was the ideal tonic.


Although many of the health and safety restrictions have been lifted, social distancing – especially in confined spaces – is still a top priority and Pañpuri Organic Spa have gone that extra mile to ensure guest safety is paramount. At the front desk, every visitor has their temperature taken while cold towels and refreshing drinks are served in wrappings. Even the medical disclosure form and pen are both sanitised.


The entire 472-square-metre spa is beautifully decorated in neutral colour tones, exotic marble and dark wood accessories. The 11th floor is where all the formalities are performed before you descend a staircase into the main treatment area, which is home to eight treatment rooms – including two double suites for couples – and a relaxing post-massage chill out zone with floor to ceiling windows for amazing city views.


As the name implies, everything you come into contact with in the spa is organic: the scented oils, the slippers and towels as well as the tea and papaya fruit served after your treatment is finished. After much consideration and sniffing the back of my hand, I selected the rosemary-scented oil as the base for my ‘As You Wish’ spa treatment.


Only organic scented oils are used at Pañpuri Organic Spa.


Although my therapist was wearing a surgical mask and a plastic face covering, I was able to fully understand her questions with regards to room temperature, massage pressure, etc. The prerequisite shower was followed by a gentle foot scrub and massage before I moved to the treatment table, which was the most high-tech treatment table I’ve ever seen.


I’d stipulated the areas where I wanted my therapist to concentrate on and the areas to avoid and she went about her work with aplomb. Starting with my neck and shoulders, she applied the organic rosemary oil and gently rolled her fingers through the stiff muscle tissue slowly unlocking the tension built up since the lockdown began. I could feel her alternating between her hands, wrists, forearms and elbows to gradually resolve the aches and pains I’d been suffering from for months.


Throughout the treatment I was made to feel entirely at ease. A soft covering for my eyes, a pillow to slip under my legs and a blanket to completely cover my body. As my masseuse methodically went about exposing one part of my body for treatment, the rest was carefully covered. With rhythmic strokes along tense muscles combined with calming music it wasn’t long before my eyes began to close. As my mind cleared and I totally relaxed, I started to drop off. I used to feel embarrassed when I fell asleep during a massage, but I’ve since come realised this is the true beauty of a skilled therapist; to take the client to a state of peaceful tranquility.


Thailand is home to all types of spas from medical spas to day spas and just about every version in between. However, if you’re looking for something that goes beyond your previous spa experiences, then Pañpuri Organic Spa is where you should be heading to next. From the moment you descend the wide corridor to the reception area to the moment you’re relaxing on the day bed staring out over the Bangkok skyline, every single minute is a moment to savour.


It is in that respect that for me Pañpuri Organic Spa will always be synonymous with peace, tranquility, happiness and pleasure.


Pañpuri Organic Spa is located on the 11th floor of Park Hyatt Bangkok and is open from 10am. At the time of writing, reservations are a must for all guests. For more information, click here.



Source: Punch Media Digital

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