Nuturing Well-Being At Spa Burasari

While staying at Shanghai Mansion, I decided to treat myself to a 90 minute signature massage at Spa Burasari, the World Luxury Spa Awards Winner 2019. The signature massage, a blend of Thai and Swedish therapies, was remarkable and four elements of the coconut oil massage really defined my experience at Spa Burasari. These were the relaxing, warm bean bag, a singing bowl, my masseur’s sequence and rhythm and the health benefits of coconut oil.


Spa Burasari offers a range of relaxing and healthy treatments.


After consulting with Nong Dell, my therapist, on pressure points and her technique, she gently applied the ambient bean bag around my shoulders and then set about cleaning my feet. The wonderful rice and bean aroma soon transform my mental state and as the heat began to radiate across my back it really helped put me at peace. Next, my therapist began using a singing bowl, a ritual she must have played out many times so smooth was she. The gentle vibration resonated throughout my head clearing away stressful thoughts and when she placed the bowl on my back, I could feel a slight tingle as energy seemed to flow from the vessel in to my body.


You can feel the energy of the singing bowl resonate throughout your body.


My therapist was well-balanced in her massage technique and her firm strokes pulsated like a melody through my aching muscles, slowly releasing the tightness and allowing a calm to envelop my entire body. The coconut oil treatment contains significant health benefits such as anti-microbial properties contained in coconut oil, vitamin E for healthy skin as well anti-oxidents that slow the ageing process and iron out wrinkly skin.


Spa Burasari’s amenities are all coconut based.


Spa Burasari’s coconut oil is highly absorbent and so makes an ideal massage lubricant. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and helps relax aching muscles, which is especially important if you’ve been out shopping around China Town. It really is 90-minutes of the most perfect tonic. That’s why I strongly recommend to those who want to find inner peace and enjoy a little pampering to make an appointment well in advance to avoid disappointment as Spa Burasari is hugely popular. Now, it is crystal clear to me why Burasari Spa was named World Luxury Spa Awards Winner 2019.


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