11 Mirrors

Experience the many facets of modern Ukraine at 11 Mirrors, Kiev’s first design hotel. Located in the capital’s dynamic core, mere steps away from the National Opera House, 11 Mirrors showcases reflective surfaces such as mirrored decorations and panoramic windows throughout its 11 stories and 49 luxurious rooms and suites. 11 Mirrors elegant minimalism is itself a reflection of contemporary Ukraine: sophisticated and simple with no need for heavy embellishments.


Each of the 11 Mirrors 49 rooms and suites offers guests spa-inspired bathrooms and unparalleled urban views of Kiev. Rooms come in assorted sizes, with the Incognito Superior Room crafted for those who value privacy most. The Desire Deluxe Rooms offer floor-to-ceiling windows to maximise views of the Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral and charming buildings from the 19th century. Signature Premium Rooms, which include an oversized tub and open bar, combine the two powerful elements air and water. While Lifestyle Executive Suites, which connect two adjoining rooms (each with a king-size bed), are bathed in light and include a fully stocked private bar.


Spa inspired bathrooms and luxury beds await visitors


The narrow 11-storey building impresses from the outside with its austere granite facade, combining contemporary design and 19th-century architecture. Anatoliy Kirik and Maryna Leo worked closely with former boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko to conceive of a design for 11 Mirrors that exudes simple, timeless elegance and sophistication. Playing with the idea of reflections, the property seeks to bring together many mirrors to create a multifaceted, seemingly infinite series of reflections – one that emulates the different facets of modern Kiev in this fairytale, onion-domed city.


Mirror mirror on the wall which is the best hotel of them all


The heavy imperial embellishments often associated with Ukraine are nowhere to be found. Instead, contemporary simplicity and elegance prevail: the lobby features natural stone walls, floor and fireplace that are complemented by a stainless steel ceiling, glass panels and artistic mirrored wall decor by the Fomichev Brothers. Each of the 49 rooms and suites differently reflect and anticipate the desires of 11 Mirrors discerning clientele, whether through unparalleled urban views or spa-inspired bathrooms.


Every room offers up something different to keep guests guessing


11 Mirrors was conceived by Ukrainian sportsman Wladimir Klitschko and real estate developer Ruslan Oleksenko. Combining their international experience, their business acumen, and their passion for one-of-a-kind hospitality experiences, the two have created a hotel unlike anything Kiev has seen before. Indeed, their much-celebrated 11 Mirrors will be the standard bearer for more hotels from the duo, each reflecting their own passions and those of their guests. Of 11 Mirrors, Olensenko says, “We wanted to show Kiev as a modern city. People think this is a post-Soviet City and don’t know about its beauty, its rivers, its old city.” Adds Klitschko, “We decided to make something different that appealed to our lifestyles and personal visions, as opposed to the widest audience. But the risk paid off.”


Former world champion boxer Wladimir Klitschko is betting big on 11 Mirrors


For more information, contact 11 Mirrors directly at +38 044-581-1111.


Images and text courtesy Design Hotels.

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