Sundays Are Special At VIU

We all love to feel welcome and enjoy the company of others. When food enters the equation we instinctively feel comfortable in our surroundings and salivate at the thought of the feast about to be served. Being a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves while at the same time sharing that emotion with others is a truly wonderful experience. You, too, can immerse yourself in this sensation of belonging by making a reservation for the extraordinary Sunday Brunch at VIU at The St. Regis Bangkok, which runs from 12.30 – 3.30pm.


Located on the 12th floor of the stunning steel, glass and granite building, VIU tugs and teases the senses with visual, audible and olfactive treats. Marvellous views of Bangkok are afforded diners thanks to the floor to ceiling windows. The showpiece that is more often than not talked over by guests is the sprawling greenery of the unique The Royal Bangkok Sports Club, a private members club that dates back to 1901. Subtle live music and the aromas of live cooking stations both add to the enjoyment of an afternoon at VIU.


VIU looks out over the verdant greenery of the Royal Bangkok Sports Club


For those who enjoy a cocktail or two, VIU serves up the best Bloody Mary in Asia while its interpretation of the classic Martini is perfection in a glass. The St. Regis in New York was the birthplace of the original Bloody Mary way back in 1934 but the name was altered to the Red Snapper so as not to offend. Thankfully, the Bloody Mary name has been reinstated and its an invigorating cocktail to drink before you turn your attention to the brunch.


Although not the biggest Sunday Brunch offering by far – many hotels seem to believe that bigger is better – what VIU might lack in quantity it certainly makes up for in quality. Only the finest ingredients are approved by Chef Lak for VIU’s Sunday Brunch and he ensures that his kitchen crew season, cook, plate and serve his culinary creations to precision. Each Sunday, VIU offers diners a different centrepiece to its main menu and during our visit ‘The Beast’ was the main feature, a 50kg leg of prime Australian beef.


The magnificent carvery


Dishes that are prepared from ‘The Beast’ and served to your table include shredded beef Nachos, avocado, sour cream, Cheddar cheese and kidney beans; Toad in the Hole – thinly sliced roast beef with honey roasted carrots and onion gravy sauce; roast beef Massaman; roast beef Reuben sandwich; roast beef stroganoff; and sizzling beef Fajitas to name but a few. There’s also a daily menu that offers Foie Gras, Boston lobster, salmon fillet, lamb cutlets and much more.


The individual dishes are wonderfully prepared, piping hot and reasonably portioned so as not to overfill diners with one course. The best way to sample as many servings as possible is to dine Asian style and share each item on the menu. Many Westerners prefer to order and eat their own choice whereas Asians prefer to experience the different flavours and textures of as many dishes as possible. Its far more fun too as sometimes you’re taken out of your comfort zone only to discover a dish you simply adore.


Salmon fillet with asparagus one of the many items cooked a la minute


For seafood connoisseurs, Sunday Brunch at VIU will have you licking your lips in anticipation with a wide range of the freshest seafood flown in from around the world. The list of seafood is extensive but topping the list is the choice of grilled Boston Lobster Thermidor and grilled Boston Lobster with spicy seafood sauce. Oysters from France – Fine de Claire – and Australia – Smokey Bay and Coffin Bay – are shucked on the spot and served fresh to the table with all the condiments or you can have them served Oysters Rockefeller. VIU also has a stylish Japanese sushi and sashimi station that prepares delicious Japanese delicacies in the traditional style.


The freshest oysters are waiting for you



If you still have enough of an appetite left after savouring the tantalising gastronomic delights available at VIU then head to the dessert section for a wide array of sweets or simply sample one of the numerous European cheeses with a few crackers and grapes. To wrap up your meal at VIU, relax with a superb hot latte and let your eyes feast upon the views.


Dessert is a mouthwatering affair


For reservations, contact VIU at +66 (0) 2207-7819.

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