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Holidays In Halong

Thanks in part to the Internet, there are now many ways to book in advance a vacation to Halong Bay in Vietnam

Amazing Istanbul

From Roman-era plumbing to Byzantine mosaics and Ottoman harems, Istanbul has thousands of years of history

Magical Mandalay

Myanmar is like no other place on earth. It is renowned as ‘The Golden Land’, a name inspired by Marco Polo

A Passionate Affair

Business life for Jom P Salakshana has been a learning experience like little other. Drawing on the principles, acumen and entrepreneurship

Going with the Flow

If you ever attended a wedding or business event in Bangkok a few years ago, the chances are you would have been faced

Timeless Service

The entrepreneurial business life of Phumiphan ‘Oud’ Bunjapamai, Chairman at TKI, Thailand’s leading retailer of Patek Philippe