Timeless Egg Custard Mooncakes

Timeless Egg Custard Mooncakes

To mark the Mid-Autumn Festival, The Peninsula Bangkok has announced the return of its highly sought-after timeless Egg Custard Mooncakes, along with an exciting new selection of assorted flavours, in celebration of heritage and the art of giving.


This year’s collection features egg custard, red bean, yuzu and durian mooncakes, perfect for sharing with family and friends and creating joyful memories.


Timeless Egg Custard Mooncakes
The Peninsula’s mooncakes make the perfect gift.


For over 35 years, Spring Moon’s Michelin-starred chefs have crafted exquisite Egg Custard Mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Originating at The Peninsula Hong Kong in 1986, these delicacies blend eastern traditions with western culinary expertise. Passed down to Peninsula Hotels’ Chinese chefs, including at The Peninsula Bangkok, these coveted Egg Custard Mooncakes feature a creamy, velvety filling encased in a crispy golden pastry.


In addition to its signature egg custard mooncakes, this year the hotel is delighted to introduce three new flavours crafted from the finest ingredients. Refreshing Yuzu: bursting with citrusy freshness, Indulgent Durian: a creamy delight for durian enthusiasts, Classic Red Bean: timelessly delicious with a perfect balance of sweetness. Each harmonises perfectly with the original recipe. Every mooncake undergoes a meticulous process, from the selection of the finest ingredients, ensuring a symphony of flavours and textures that reflect the expertise and dedication of the culinary team.


Timeless Egg Custard Mooncakes
Simply delicious: Egg Custard Mooncakes.


Each mooncake, filled with egg custard and decadent assorted flavours, undergoes a series of precise processes before being baked to a golden-brown perfection. Every step, from selecting the finest ingredients like milk, butter, cream, flour and eggs to the final baking, is executed with the highest level of expertise by professional chefs. The result is a delicious treat that reflects the chef’s skill and precision.


The Egg Custard Mooncake with the ‘Dragon Fish’ pattern conveys auspiciousness in its original style, designed exclusively for Mei Jiang Restaurant. Beautifully packaged in an octagonal red box made of eco-friendly, biodegradable materials and decorated with a lotus flower pattern, this special box contains 8 pieces of original egg custard or a mix of assorted flavours of mooncakes.


Timeless Egg Custard Mooncakes
Enjoy mouthwatering mooncakes with friends and family.


Crafted in limited quantities, the mooncakes are available for purchase now and can be picked up from 20th July – 17th September. This beautifully presented box makes them perfect for gifting and celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2020 – 6969 or email: mooncakepbk@peninsula.com.



Source: The Peninsula Bangkok.

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