The First Eco-Resort In Italy

The First Eco-Resort In Italy

Eremito Società Benefit, a contemporary secular hermitage nestled in the green heart of Umbria and surrounded by over 3,000 hectares of UNESCO Natural Reserve, has announced it has been awarded the prestigious B Corp certification, becoming the first eco-resort in Italy certified by B Lab.


“The achievement of B Corp certification is a tangible result of the company’s commitment to adopting B Lab’s high standards to measure, improve and promote social, environmental and governance practices. This is what we mean by creating a concrete impact on people and the environment. We are proud to welcome Eremito into the B Corp movement and we hope its commitment will inspire the B Corp community and other businesses to embark on this journey towards regenerative paradigms,” said Anna Puccio, Managing Director of B Lab Italy.


The First Eco-Resort In Italy
The resort is the brainchild of entrepreneur Marcello Murzilli.


Eremito is the latest creation from the creative and entrepreneurial mind of Marcello Murzilli, a pioneer of the new philosophy of ‘green tourism’ for decades. In the 1980s, Marcello founded the ‘El Charro’ brand, later deciding to travel the world with a historic sailing vessel. Upon arriving on the Mexican Pacific coast, he built and managed “Hotelito” for 14 years, an eco-resort recognised as ‘One of the Top Five EcoResorts in the World.’


Returning to Italy, he inaugurated Eremito, which quickly became a reference point for luxury tourism for ‘solo travellers’. Today, it is also chosen by couples and individuals from around the world, driven by the need to disconnect from technology and reconnect with themselves in nature, rediscovering the ‘Luxury of the Essential’.


The First Eco-Resort In Italy
The structure has been painstakingly restored.


The original structure has been meticulously restored with attention to historical details and sustainability, supported by Matteo Murzilli, who coordinated and followed the entire B Corp certification process. The resort features a photovoltaic system that covers over 100% of its consumption, underfloor heating and cooling systems, solar thermal systems and a solar tracking concentrator.


The building also has an A4 energy rating and irrigation is carried out using collected rainwater. The vegetarian restaurant uses self-produced and local organic products, minimising waste and excessive food miles as well as promoting Plastic-Free practices.


The First Eco-Resort In Italy
The resort is almost self-sufficient in terms of food produce.


The B Corp certification is a further recognition of Eremito’s commitment to a more sustainable future, confirming its pioneering role in the Italian hospitality sector and demonstrating how high-quality hospitality can be combined with a concrete commitment to social responsibility. With its recent certification, Eremito further strengthens Italy’s position in the global sustainable hospitality landscape.


The First Eco-Resort In Italy
Rediscover Luxury of the Essential at Eremito.


For more information and reservations, call +39 (0) 763 – 891 – 010 or email:



Source: Eremito B Corp.

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