The Bounty Of Local Produce

The Bounty Of Local Produce

Exclusive Phuket resort Trisara is going deep with its freshest dining concept SAT at Trisara, emphasising the bounty of local produce from both land and sea via authentic southern Thai cuisine.


The property, which visionary Thai hospitality brand Montara Hospitality owns, has earned widespread acclaim for its focus on gastronomy. And SAT at Trisara is proving to be a thrilling addition to the constellation of culinary stars at the resort.


The Bounty Of Local Produce
SAT at Trisara is the place to go for traditional Thai cuisine.


These include PRU, Phuket’s only Michelin-star restaurant, and Cielo where the onus is on Mediterranean-inspired cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients from local farmers and producers to showcase the pick of Thailand’s larder.


At SAT at Trisara the spotlight shines on the very best local produce, including ocean-fresh seafood plucked from the Andaman Ocean, and premium ethically sourced vegetables, herbs and meat. These ingredients are utilised for Southern Thai recipes passed down through generations. Through these heritage recipes, as well as a selection of modern classic dishes, SAT at Trisara showcases the phenomenal seasonal ingredients Phuket and Thailand have to offer, both on land and sea.


The Bounty Of Local Produce
Guests prepare for a culinary odyssey at SAT.


“SAT at Trisara is more than just a dining experience; it’s a celebration of the amazing natural resources we have at our disposal here in Phuket,” said Trisara Executive Chef, Chalermchai ‘Kla’ Prakobkit. “We are hugely proud of our Thai heritage. Therefore, it has been an honour to introduce this immersive culinary journey, where guests can indulge in the freshest Phuket seafood and produce from around the country presented in authentic traditional recipes.”


Southern Thailand is blessed with a biodiverse habitat and abundant treasures on land and sea. And its cuisine has been influenced and shaped by myriad cultures. The culinary team at SAT at Trisara has created a menu to honour and celebrate the essence of this diverse culinary heritage.


The Bounty Of Local Produce
A fish cooked to a traditional Southern Thai recipe.


At the venue guests can enjoy glimpses of the ocean horizon. Artisanal craftsmanship can also be found throughout the space showcasing indigenous flora within its wood carvings, environmentally friendly natural Thai linen, traditional rattan chairs, ceramic artifacts and more.


“Our culinary team is dedicated to creating an unforgettable dining experience at SAT at Trisara,” added Chef Kla. “From the meticulous selection of ingredients to the innovative presentation of each dish, every aspect of the dining journey is designed to leave a lasting impression on our guests.”


The Bounty Of Local Produce
Much of the produce used is locally sourced.


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