F1 In Schools Thailand

F1 In Schools Thailand

As Thailand revs up its bid to host a Formula One race in 2027, an exciting yet challenging educational programme customised for young people to develop career paths in the fields related to the world’s most prestigious motor competition is at play with F1 in Schools Thailand.


The recent meeting between F1 Chief Executive Stefano Domenicali and Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin about turning Bangkok into a street circuit for the Grand Prix race is putting F1 in Schools Thailand in the spotlight and driving home its objectives.


F1 In Schools Thailand
Andrew Denford, Founder and Chairman, F1 in Schools.


F1 in Schools Thailand provides a unique way to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) involving the motor sport, thus contributing to the kingdom’s human capital development and laying the foundation for sustainable growth and prosperity.


In the pursuit of hosting an F1 race, Thailand faces numerous challenges and opportunities. Infrastructure, logistics and financial considerations all come into play, requiring meticulous planning and strategic investments.


F1 In Schools Thailand
Pursuit Racing’s race car name Kirby.


“However, with a contribution from parties involved including the F1 in Schools Thailand, the nation is capable of overcoming obstacles and emerge as a contender on the global motor sport stage,” said Dr. Chakraphad ‘John’ Pitakthararuay, CEO & President of 1 Action Education Co., Ltd., the official In-Country Delivery Partner of F1 in Schools.


Prime Minister Srettha has pitched Bangkok as a circuit for a street race that will would burnish the country’s status as a major tourism hub.


“If Thailand landed the rights to host an F1 race in 2027, it could generate about four billion baht (US$108 million) in economic value and generate more than 1,000 jobs,” Jakkaphon Tangsutthitham, a deputy secretary general to the premier, said on X.


F1 In Schools Thailand
F1 in Schools Thailand is helping young kids with their education.


Tourism is one of Thailand’s key industries, accounting for about 20% of total jobs and making up about 12% of the nation’s $500 billion economy.


For more information, email: info@f1inschools.co.



Source: Krinbourne Kommunications.

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