Culinary Masterpiece At Elements

Culinary Masterpiece At Elements

Imagine yourself transported to a vibrant summer canvas, where each bite is a brushstroke of flavour. This is the essence of Chef Gerard Villaret Horcajo’s latest culinary masterpiece at Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu, The Okura Prestige Bangkok, a haven of Michelin-starred French cuisine laced with Japanese touches.


Chef Gerard has crafted a menu that sings with the season’s bounty where each dish is a story waiting to be savoured: a harmonious blend of French techniques and Japanese influences. The expertly crafted ‘Summer Guestronomic Dining Journey’ promises to tantalise your taste buds and awaken your senses.


Culinary Masterpiece At Elements
The Chiang Mai Zucchini Flower.


Chef Gerard, known for his signature ‘duo sauces’, takes this concept to new heights. He masterfully pairs rich, classic French sauces with lighter, tangier and refreshingly creative counterparts, creating a symphony of flavours in each dish.


The journey begins with the ‘dry aged Haranaka Chutoro’, a melt-in-the-mouth indulgence, which is adorned with bafun uni (sea urchin) and a vibrant green gazpacho while a hint of nori seaweed adds a whisper of the ocean. The ‘smoked eel’ is elevated by creamy inka-no-mezame potato, the delicate indulgence of Oscietra Caviar and the subtle sweetness of Kureson, a Japanese citrus fruit.


Culinary Masterpiece At Elements
Chef Gerard’s dry aged mikandai.


Moving on to the next dish, Chef Gerard’s ‘scale fried Shiro Amadai’ is a visual and gastronomic treat. This delicate white sea bream boasts a golden crust while its remains perfectly tender, complemented by the sweetness and earthiness of heirloom carrots and colinky squash, perfectly balanced by the umami richness of an Ayu Garum Hollandaise, a unique play on the classic sauce infused with the essence of the Ayu fish. The ‘Chiang Mai Zucchini Flower’ is a delightful union of East and West. Filled with aged Comté cheese and the earthy fragrance of Australian winter truffles, this dish is a testament to Chef Gerard’s ability to create harmony from diverse ingredients.


For the seasonal main course, a true summer treat awaits with the ‘Japanese Coturnix Quail.’ This succulent quail is generously served with a morel mushroom, its rich flavours accentuated by the citrusy tang of black lemon and delightful eggplant and kombu combination.


Culinary Masterpiece At Elements
Japanese Coturnix Quail i served with morel mushroom.


The ‘Summer Guestronomic Dining Journey’ concludes with two exquisite choices of decadent dessert. The ‘Poached Victoria Rhubarb’ is a delightful balance of sweet and tart, with its Dengaku Miso Créme Brulee adding a unique smoky depth, and the fragrant notes of Madagascar vanilla and sudachi, a Japanese citrus, provide further layers of delightful complexity. Or the aromatic ‘Okayama Shimizu White Peach,’ offers a taste of summer perfection. This delicate fruit is paired with a Cha-Am lemon custard, a touch of lemon verbena and a crumbly almond sable Breton, creating a symphony of textures and flavours that lingers on the palate long after the last bite.


More than just a meal, the ‘Summer Guestronomic Dining Journey’ is an invitation to experience the magic of summer. With each bite, Chef Gerard invites you to engage with a symphony of textures and flavours, a testament to his gastronomic artistry and a celebration of the season’s finest offerings. Available from 21st June onwards, the 8-course ‘Mizu’ experience is priced at Bt6,400++ per person; the 6-course ‘Chikyu’ experience is priced at Bt4,900++ per person; while the 4-course ‘Ku-Ki’ experience is priced at Bt4,100++ per person.


Culinary Masterpiece At Elements
The visually pleasing scale fried Shiro Amadai.


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Source: The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

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