Collection Of Handcrafted Mooncakes

Collection Of Handcrafted Mooncakes

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is inviting its guests and local residents to discover the Story of the Dragon with a collection of handcrafted mooncakes that celebrate the magic of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


An historic symbol of imperial power in China, the dragon is believed to represent good health, fortune and strength. As 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, the talented chefs at Pagoda Chinese Restaurant have created an exquisite and highly auspicious mooncake collection featuring a choice of four traditional and three signature varieties, all crafted using premium ingredients.


Collection Of Handcrafted Mooncakes
The four traditional mooncakes from Pagoda.


The four flavours of traditional baked mooncakes (150 grams each) include Raspberry Cocoa with a blend of Pistachio & Almond; Chantaburi Durian with White Lotus Seeds and a Single Egg Yolk; White Lotus & Melon Seeds with a Single Egg Yolk; and Pork Bak-kwa with Assorted Nuts. The chefs have also created a tempting trio of signature mooncakes (50 grams each), including Raspberry Cocoa with a blend of Pistachio & Almond; Green Tea Pine Nut and Custard; and Malted Chocolate Rocher.


Reflecting the storied cultural heritage of the dragon, The Story of The Dragon Box is priced at Bt1,688 net. A limited edition handcrafted box in the shape of an elegant red book with artistic dragon motifs and Pagoda Chinese Restaurant’s gold logo embossed on the cover adds a touch of luxury and sophistication. This limited-edition box is perfect for gifting and as a keepsake, symbolising prosperity and good fortune.


Collection Of Handcrafted Mooncakes
Enjoy the Story of the Dragon.


Other box designs available include: a Leather Box (Bt2,288 net) made from high-quality leather for a bit of luxury and durability; a Treasure Box (Bt1,288 net) made of premium paper that combines elegance and affordability; and Individual boxes (Bt248 net) are also available for single mooncake purchases.


For the early birds, special prices are also available with discounts up to 25% when you make an order before 31st July. All mooncakes will be available at Pagoda Chinese Restaurant from 5th August – 17th September. To discover more limited mooncake collections, click here.


Collection Of Handcrafted Mooncakes
Pagoda’s chefs have created three delicious new flavours.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2059 – 5999 or email:



Source: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park.

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