A Bespoke Wellness Retreat

A Bespoke Wellness Retreat

Tennis legend and Aman Global Wellness Ambassador, Maria Sharapova will host a bespoke wellness retreat at Amanzoe, Greece. Taking place in September, the transformational three-night programme will focus on building resilience through a combination of physical challenges and lessons in mental endurance.


Set amongst the olive groves and Aegean vistas of Amanzoe’s hilltop location, the retreat is designed to help cultivate a strong mental foundation, find emotional balance and equip participants with the tools to navigate the demands of the everyday.


A Bespoke Wellness Retreat
The tennis ace will host a group discussion.


“Over many years, I learned how to build a phenomenal foundation of strength, resilience, focus and determination. It was vital to success,” says Maria. “I am excited to take Amanzoe’s guests through a truly holistic experience that I’ve developed, reflecting the approach I fine-tuned over 20 years to achieve elite performance. A strong body and strong mind are something we should all strive for and between Aman’s unparalleled wellness expertise and mine, we’re eager to bring this retreat to life.”


Led by Maria and Amanzoe’s expert wellness team, against the serene backdrop of the Greek countryside, the programme is divided into three parts. After an introduction from Maria and lunch, the first day starts with a guided meditation, focused on cultivating inner strength and acceptance. A group discussion with Maria on her journey to towards mental resilience and approach to challenges follows, before a Hamman treatment or Anatripsis (soft tissue) therapy to cleanse and detoxify the body and mind.


A Bespoke Wellness Retreat
In between sessions with Maria, guests can relax at the resort.


Day two begins with a group Pranayama breathwork and sound bath session and afterwards a healthy al fresco breakfast in Amanzoe’s bostani garden. In the afternoon enjoy a hiking and outdoor strength workout, designed to develop stamina, and later, a mind and body agility session with Maria on the tennis court.


The day commences with group Trataka (candle-gazing meditation) at the Yoga Pavilion, followed by breakfast and a dynamic strength workout focused on mobility with Amanzoe’s fitness instructors. Cellgym and contrast therapy follow in the afternoon, recommended to increase mental alertness, promote better sleep, and facilitate recovery from physical and mental fatigue. The day closes with a tennis clinic from Maria, who will also host a dinner with the group that evening.


A Bespoke Wellness Retreat
Guest can join a yoga class with Maria.


On the day of departure, a Pranayama session and sound bath finish out the programme and prepare the mind for the journey ahead.


All meals, in-room snacks and a curated Aman Essentials Wellness Kit (including an Aman Ocean Bottle, Maria’s favourite Aman Skincare products and essential oils) complement the retreat, which also includes ample free time to relax and enjoy Amanzoe’s tranquil setting.


A Bespoke Wellness Retreat
The stunning Amanzoe, Greece.


Places for The Building Resilience Retreat at Amanzoe between 23rd – 26th September are limited, however, further retreats across Aman destinations will be announced in due course.


For more information and reservations, call +30 (0) 275 – 4772 – 888 or email: amanzoe.res@aman.com.



Source: Petrie PR.

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