UOB Painting Of The Year

UOB Painting Of The Year

UOB Thailand invites established and emerging Thai artists to showcase their artistic talents at the 15th UOB Painting of the Year competition. The annual competition, one of the most prestigious in Southeast Asia and Thailand’s only regional art competition, demonstrates UOB’s commitment to elevate Thai artists onto a regional art stage.


Dhornratana Olanhankij, Head of Brand, Media and Communications, UOB Thailand, said, “As a leading patron of arts in Asia, we remain steadfast in fostering artistic excellence within the country and beyond, as we strive to make art more accessible in Thailand and across the region. As the only regional art competition in Thailand, the UOB POY truly provides the platforms for artists to showcase their work regionally, helping them reach a wider audience and to be part of a vibrant community of creators.”


UOB Painting Of The Year
Dhornratana Olanhankij, Head of BMC, UOB Thailand.


Sukit Choosri, top winner of the 2017 UOB POY (Thailand), Established Artist Category and 2017 UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year (SEA POY) award, added, “The UOB POY competition has been crucial to my journey as an artist. Even after the competition ended, UOB continued to provide opportunities for me to showcase my work. Most recently in March, I had the chance to exhibit at Art Central Hong Kong with UOB. It was a great opportunity to connect with art collectors, galleries, and fellow artists on an international level.”


Last year’s top winner for the 2023 UOB POY (Thailand), Established Artist Category and SEA POY award, Pratchaya Charernsook, commented, “Winning the UOB SEA POY award last year was one of the greatest achievements in my life as an artist. This award has brought me more recognition not only within the art community but beyond, including in social circles typically not involved in the art scene.”


UOB Painting Of The Year
Sukit Choosri, winner of the 2017 UOB POY (Thailand).


As one of the most recognised art competitions in Southeast Asia, the UOB POY competition has uncovered over 1,000 established and aspiring artists across the region. The 15th UOB POY competition is open to all established and aspiring artists, Thai citizens and permanent residents, who can submit their entries here. There is no restriction on theme and age. Submissions are open until 31st July and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on 15th October.


The five country winners from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam will compete for the coveted UOB SEA POY award, with a prize award of an additional S$13,000 on top of their respective country award prize, and a chance to participate in a residency programme sponsored by UOB. The winner of the 2024 UOB SEA POY award will be announced at a regional awards ceremony in Singapore on 13th November 2024.


UOB Painting Of The Year
Pratchaya Charernsook, winner for the 2023 UOB POY (Thailand).


“Art has the unique ability to engage people emotionally and intellectually, making it a powerful tool for promoting positive change. Through our community outreach programmes, we hope to encourage more to see the value of art in advocating for environmental care and celebrating cultural diversity, sparking important conversions and inspiring action,” Dhornratana Olanhankij shared.



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