Unique Farm-To-Fork Concept

Unique Farm-To-Fork Concept

Centara Grand at CentralWorld has unveiled an impressive organic garden located on the 26th floor of the hotel. This initiative marks a significant commitment to sustainability and offers guests a unique farm-to-fork concept in the heart of Bangkok’s shopping district.


“Our elevated organic garden goes beyond being a simple source of ingredients; it represents our pledge to offer our guests the most sustainable food options available,” said Robert Maurer Loeffler, Vice President Operations and General Manager of Centara Grand at CentralWorld. “The farm-to-fork concept isn’t just a trend for us – it’s a tangible practice that our guests can experience first-hand.”


Unique Farm-To-Fork Concept
Chefs from the hotel proudly display the fresh produce.


The sky-high garden is a green oasis amid the urban landscape, growing a variety of seasonal vegetables and herbs, including varieties Butterhead, Green Cos, Red Oak, Iceberg (Frillice Iceberg), Rocket Salad, Mini Cos, Baby Cos and Kale as well as aromatic herbs and vegetables such as Thai Lemon, Big Tomato, Italian Basil, Rosemary, Red Holy Basil, Sweet Basil, Sage and Thyme. Each plant is carefully tended to produce the highest quality ingredients for the hotel’s culinary creations.


At Centara Grand at CentralWorld, the farm-to-fork concept, ensures that guests enjoy the freshest ingredients while supporting environmentally friendly practices. This organic garden not only provides chefs with the finest produce but also contributes to a more sustainable future reflecting the group’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.


Unique Farm-To-Fork Concept
Centara has drastically reduced its food miles for fresh organic vegetables.


Studies have shown that urban organic gardens can significantly reduce carbon footprints and promote eco-friendly practices. By integrating these practices, Centara Grand at CentralWorld is not just serving meals – it’s nurturing a healthier planet and setting a new standard for luxury hotels worldwide.



Source: Centara Hotels & Resorts.

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