The Unique Okura Afternoon Tea

The Unique Okura Afternoon Tea

The Okura Prestige Bangkok offers a truly elevated afternoon tea experience. Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure with the unique Okura Afternoon Tea Omakase, which captures the essence of spring through a thoughtfully crafted menu featuring fresh ingredients and exquisite flavours.


Omakase’, a Japanese term meaning ‘I’ll leave it up to you’, perfectly captures the philosophy behind this delightful experience. Instead of the usual prearranged afternoon tea set, Executive Chef Sebastiaan Hoogewerf takes the reins and crafts a menu based on the freshest seasonal and monthly ingredients, ensuring a unique and exciting culinary adventure every time. Step into the serene world of Japanese custom, where every moment and gesture is a carefully choreographed art form.


The Unique Okura Afternoon Tea
Executive Chef Sebastiaan creates his new adventure.


Celebrate in style with the Okura Afternoon Tea Omakase, and savour the season’s bounty through a carefully curated menu by Executive Chef Sebastiaan that highlights the vibrant flavours of spring. Say goodbye to ordinary savouries and hello to an extraordinary culinary adventure with the stunning new menu, featuring a symphony of fresh and vibrant ingredients like crisp green and juicy fruits that embody the essence of spring.


Executive Chef Sebastiaan focuses on creating a sensory adventure. The dishes featured on the afternoon tea omakase menu are skillfully crafted to delight each of your senses, from the vivid colours to the irresistible fragrances, resulting in a culinary escapade that is both visually stunning and mouthwatering. Pairing the right beverage with this sophisticated afternoon tea omakase can elevate the culinary experience to unforgettable, ensuring that each sip complements and enhances the flavours of each bite.


The Unique Okura Afternoon Tea
Be enthralled with each selection.


Prepare to be amazed as you discover how the delicate beverage pairing can elevate the dining experience. The subtle flavours of each pairing helps cleanse your palate between bites, while the floral notes add a delightful aromatic layer to the culinary journey.


The Okura Afternoon Tea Omakase – Spring Inspired is available on 18th and 19th May; 15th and 16th June; and 20th and 21st July and every third weekend of the month at 3pm. Limited seats are available for the Bt1,750++ per person afternoon tea experience, inclusive of the standard beverage pairing.


The Unique Okura Afternoon Tea
The afternoon tea features crisp green and juicy fruits.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2687 – 9000 or email:



Source: The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

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