Thai Cuisine’s Enduring Charm

Thai Cuisine’s Enduring Charm

One Enchanting Thai Kitchen & Lounge is poised to capture the essence of Thai cuisine’s enduring charm. Diners will be enveloped in a sensory experience that evokes traditional flavours through a meticulously crafted atmosphere. Sights, smells and sounds will work in harmony to recreate an authentic journey, while beautifully garnished dishes adorned with artistic flourishes will further elevate the culinary adventure.


Nestled amongst towering trees and the gentle glow of fireflies besides the Chao Phraya River, the restaurant aspires to create a new generation of Thai food enthusiasts, while also rekindling cherished memories of familiar flavours for older generations.


Thai Cuisine’s Enduring Charm
The riverside restaurant specialises in classic Thai cuisine.


The atmosphere draws inspiration from fireflies, those enchanting creature that illuminate the night. Much like fireflies seeking refuge in tranquil, verdant settings, One Thai Kitchen fosters a peaceful ambiance amidst towering trees. This serene environment, free from distractions, allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the captivating experience.


Celebrating the essence of traditional Thai cuisine, rice serves as the foundation to an array of side dishes that combine to create a complete and flavourful experience on each table. The taste profiles of each dish showcases the intricate balance of sour, salty, sweet, spicy, oily and bitter flavours that define Thai cuisine, catering to individual preferences while staying true to the heritage of these dishes.


Thai Cuisine’s Enduring Charm
Diners can opt for indoor dining with curated music.


The culinary craftsmanship recognises the significance of preserving traditional Thai flavours. The menu goes beyond mere presentation, aiming to revitalise classic dishes for a new generation and foreign palates. Even those with fond memories of these dishes, like Ra-Waeng Curry, Ranjuan Curry, Coconut Soup with Salted beef, Stir-fried Lotus Roots with Shrimp Paste, Tom Kha Crispy Gourami Fish with Young Tamarind Leaves, will find a renewed appreciation for modern interpretations.


Helmed by Chef Napat ‘Wan’ Phinphat, the stylish menu promises an authentic journey through the kingdom’s rich cooking book. Each dish is meticulously crafted to preserve the original flavours, utilising traditional curry pastes sourced directly from their regions of origin. These time-tested recipes, enjoyed by Thais and foreigners alike, form the foundation of Chef Wan’s culinary experience.


Thai Cuisine’s Enduring Charm
Dishes are adorned with artistic flourishes.


Any meal at One Thai Kitchen extends beyond the plate and palate. Carefully curated music serves as the soundtrack to the dining journey, fostering a sense of mental and emotional well-being. Uplifting melodies are designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress and elevate the mood of diners. This thoughtful selection of music also acts as a subtle social lubricant, potentially sparking connections between diners who share a love for the same genres.


Orchestrating a unique auditory landscape, Tosapol ‘Best’ Hancharoenkul, a music aficionado with a penchant for Blue Jazz classics, local music from every corner of Thailand, and even traditional Thai melodies, curates a captivating soundscape. This innovative concept seamlessly blends these diverse genres, creating a fresh and engaging experience, while still honouring the musical heritage of older generations. Live performances on Friday and Saturday nights take this fusion even further, featuring Thai instruments accompanying international songs and vice versa.


Thai Cuisine’s Enduring Charm
Many of the dishes will be loved by older generations.


Immerse yourself in the captivating sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Thailand at One Enchanting Thai Kitchen & Lounge. Embrace new culinary adventures while rekindling cherished memories in this haven of authentic Thai cuisine.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 829 – 191 – 446 or email:



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