Energy Healing And Meridian Therapy

Energy Healing And Meridian Therapy

Energy healer Franz Polanen Darmasada has helped clients from around the globe through his deeply intuitive healing techniques, which even after a single session have been credited with relieving chronic pains and mental discomforts. Now, you can explore his profound art of Energy Healing and Meridian Therapy during his residency at Auriga Wellness at Capella Bangkok, in which he will meticulously tailor each immersive healing session to individual needs.


Incorporating targeted pressure point techniques, energy alignment and a serene period of rest, Darmasada aims to unlock the body’s innate healing capabilities and bring back balance and renewed optimism to your life.


Energy Healing And Meridian Therapy
Energy healer Franz Polanen Darmasada.


Some 25 years ago, Franz discovered his remarkable talent of being able to identify and relieve pain and discomfort through a gentle touch of the affected area. From his practice in the spiritual heart of Bali, Franz has since developed and refined a unique blend of energy healing and traditional pressure point techniques. His intuitive approach and adept skills have garnered him a loyal clientele who prize him for alleviating long-lasting afflictions, insomnia, and chronic stress.


Franz tailors the treatment to your needs and level of comfort and ability. After a brief consultation, he commences the session by applying some pressure point techniques guided by a deep intuition. Oil massage is used for releasing areas of tension, or along meridians to create clearer pathways and new muscle memory. Energy clearing work is done to enhance the healing process. Treatments can also be received fully clothed. Guests will be allowed to enjoy 30 minutes of sleep time in the treatment room, each session runs for 90 minutes including restful sleep time.


Energy Healing And Meridian Therapy
Franz treats a patient with his energy healing.


Some benefits of Energy Healing includes a sense of well-being, joy and newness; improved lung and breathing capacity through deep relaxation; reduced pain by releasing endorphin; relieve muscular tightness and stiffness; increase flexibility and blood circulation; soothe nerves and reduce stress and anxiety; and improve muscle tone and skin elasticity.


Immerse into the power of Energy Healing and Meridian Therapy with Franz Polanen Darmasada from 1st – 30th June, from 10am – 10.22pm at Auriga Wellness. Each session is priced at Bt15,000 net.


Energy Healing And Meridian Therapy
The serene lounge at Auriga Wellness, Capella Bangkok.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2098 – 3666, +66 (0) 2098 – 3888 or email:



Source: Capella Bangkok.

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