A New Hotel In The City

A New Hotel In The City

Langham Hospitality Group (LHG) is set to double its Cordis Hotels & Resorts footprint in Jiangsu Province with the planned opening of a new hotel in the city of Kunshan. The Cordis, Kunshan, Xiajia River, which takes its name from the park and lake-filled grounds of the nearby Xiajia River delta, will be situated in the Xiajia River Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. A vibrant commercial centre surrounded by lush gardens and pristine waterways, the area is a draw for both business and leisure travellers.


On the business front, the strategic location between the mega-cities of Shanghai and Suzhou – both of which are less than 30 minutes away by high-speed rail – makes it a choice destination for off-site meetings, corporate retreats, and engagements with companies in Kunshan’s burgeoning cultural creativity, optoelectronics, semiconductor, and integrated circuits industries.


A New Hotel In The City
Langham Hospitality Group CEO Bob van den Oord.


As for pleasure trips, the area offers a wide selection of unique attractions. Chief among these is Yangcheng Lake, an expansive body of water renowned for its aquatic wildlife that includes the famed Yangcheng hairy crab, a local delicacy that attracts gastronomes from far and wide. Also in the vicinity are the historic towns of Qiandeng, Luzhi and the popular Zhouzhuang, a canal-filled enclave that’s often referred to as the Venice of the East.


“Cordis, Kunshan, Xiajia River is a testament to the enduring appeal of the Cordis Hotels & Resorts brand,” said Langham Hospitality Group Chief Executive Officer Bob van den Oord. “The property will seamlessly blend the needs of both business and leisure travellers, embodying our dedication to crafting memorable experiences that cater to diverse interests and preferences.”


The 285-key hotel – which is being developed by Kunshan Xincheng Development Construction Company, a subsidiary of Kunshan Guochuang Investment Group Company – will be the 10th Cordis Hotels & Resorts property in operation or development in Mainland China.



Source: Langham Hospitality Group.

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