An Innovative Perfume Cocktail

An Innovative Perfume Cocktail

The St. Regis Bangkok has announced a partnership with BOROM, the luxury Thai perfume brand, and Bombay Sapphire, for an innovative Perfume Cocktail collaboration that transforms the beverage experience into a multi-sensory journey. From 3rd April onwards, guests are invited to explore an exceptional range of six Perfume Martinis, crafted with the exquisite Bombay Sapphire gin and paired with the aromatic world of BOROM perfumes at The St. Regis Bar.


“Our aim is to enhance the Violet Hour programme with martinis that are not just drinks, but bespoke sensory creations. By offering an unprecedented experience to Bangkok’s tastemakers, we are reinforcing The St. Regis Bar’s reputation as a haven for crafted cocktails,” said Klaus Christandl, General Manager at The St. Regis Bangkok.


An Innovative Perfume Cocktail
The Classic Corduroy cocktail.


An evening ritual to mark the end of the day in style, The Violet Hour revisits the glamour of the original House of Astor with a choice of premium spirits and exquisite cocktails inspired by New York, home of the famed King Cole Bar at the iconic The St. Regis New York, including the signature Violet Hour Martini.


Ivan Zabolotnyi, Beverage Manager at The St. Regis Bangkok, has masterfully designed a menu of Perfume Martinis inspired by his favourite BOROM perfumes. This creative process began with the exploration of BOROM’s fragrance collection, leading Ivan to select scents that harmonise beautifully with the botanical richness of Bombay Sapphire.


An Innovative Perfume Cocktail
This is a collaboration with BOROM and Bombay Sapphire.


“We are honoured to join hands with The St. Regis Bangkok and Bombay Sapphire, blending the artistry of perfume with the craft of cocktail making. This partnership is a celebration of personality, mood and the exquisite craftsmanship behind each scent and sip,” said Borom Vichyadachar, founder of eponymous perfume label BOROM.


Bombay Sapphire brings to this collaboration its legacy of innovation and excellence in gin distillation. Since 1987, Bombay Sapphire has been renowned for its unique vapour infusion process for a gin that is smooth, complex, and bursting with a tantalising array of botanical notes. “Bombay Sapphire serves as the perfect canvas for creating these unique sensory cocktails. Our gin, with its ten hand-selected botanicals, opens up endless possibilities for creativity, perfectly complementing BOROM’s aromatic profiles,” said Andrea Paleari, Trade Ambassador of Bacardi-Thailand Limited.


An Innovative Perfume Cocktail
The Japanese Cotton cocktail.


The collaboration features six meticulously crafted cocktails, each inspired by luxurious fabrics and sumptuous flavours. Among them is the Red Velvet, a decadent blend of Chocolate, Praline and Citrus notes for a taste of Chocolate Bitter and Orange Zest, while Sweet Tweed captures the essence of summer with its harmonious blend of Peach, Rose and Patchouli.


Perfume Cocktails in collaboration with BOROM Perfume and Bombay Sapphire gins are available at The St. Regis Bar until 31st July, starting from Bt490++ per glass. Guests will also receive a tester of BOROM perfume with every Perfume Cocktail purchase.


An Innovative Perfume Cocktail
The Red Velvet cocktail.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2207 – 7777 or email:



Source: The St. Regis Bangkok.

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