A Gateway To Local Culture

A Gateway To Local Culture

A country’s cuisine is a gateway to local culture – one that allows travellers to get a taste for what a place is all about. With the launch of TIA Wellness Resort’s new Vietnamese BBQ and Seafood BBQ buffets guests are getting just that.


For each special evening The Dining Room becomes an Insta-dream with décor transporting guests back to a retro Vietnam, during Vietnam night, and a nautical design for the Seafood BBQ evening.


A Gateway To Local Culture
TIA Wellness offers the best of the ocean with its seafood shelf.


The abundant Vietnamese BBQ buffet includes delicacies from north to south so guests can experience more than just the local dishes. You’ll find options popular with tourists, like a Banh Mi station and fresh spring roll station where guests choose their own fillings.


The array of cuisine dives deeper than mainstream fare. To give guests a more authentic experience, the culinary team added dishes like snails in spicy butter and Banh Can, a dish originally from the Cham ethnic group in Ninh Thuan province in Southeast Vietnam. And to give the dish a taste of TIA, the chef grills quail eggs in porcelain dishes with diners choosing the seafood of choice for the topping.


A Gateway To Local Culture
Diners can opt for the classic surf & turf.


The BBQ station, where items are chosen and cooked on the spot, highlights local seafood with tiger prawns and mini lobster, as well as options like pork ribs and chicken skewers.


Following the property’s wellness ethos there is a large selection of salads including corn, coconut and crab salad with spicy pork; cabbage salad with seaweed and calamari; and lotus root salad with chilli shrimp. Behind the scenes the team also refrains from using processed ingredients and white sugar and flour. Desserts include items like jackfruit and chia mousse and fresh local fruit among several other sweet treats.


The Seafood BBQ is an ocean feast with locally caught fish and seafood grilled in front of guests. The options range from scallops in a garlic butter sauce to tiger prawns with kaffir lime to red snapper in banana leaf and a wok-fried soft shell crab station. Japanese-style selections include a live Sashimi and Temaki station. Salads are also in abundance including rainbow coleslaw, Asian edamame salad and a mix of seafood-based salads. The desert station offers treats from around the globe, such as strawberry mochi, egg tartlets and matcha chocolate popsicles.


A Gateway To Local Culture
The freshest seafood is caught each day.


“TIA is known for health and wellness, especially when it comes to our menus,” explained Ramon Imper, general manager of the resort. “While we believe you should eat light to feel bright, we also believe that we all need to treat ourselves sometimes and experience new foods. Because of this we’ve chosen to offer these BBQs just once a week rather than daily, and we always use local, organic produce, locally-sourced seafood and the highest quality ingredients all round.”


The Vietnamese BBQ buffet and Seafood BBQ buffet are both held once a week (check with the hotel for exact dates) from 6pm – 9pm at The Dining Room with prices starting at Bt1,820++ (VND 1,250,000 ++ per person).


For more information and reservations, call +84 (0) 236 – 396 – 7999 or email: reservation@tiawellnessresort.com.



Source: Balcony Media Group.

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