working towards best practices

Working Towards Best Practices

As part of its strong commitment towards sustainability, Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection, a luxury, all-inclusive tented camp located in the South Cardamom Forest in Cambodia, has joined as a fellow member of The Long Run. In so doing, it has embarked on a journey of continuous improvement, committed to working towards best practices across Conservation, Community, Commerce and Culture – referred to as The Long Run 4Cs.


The Long Run is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as one of the world’s most rigorous sustainability standards and its members are united by a common goal to use business as a force for good. Long Run members are committed to leveraging the power of nature-based businesses for the planet’s health and people’s well-being.


working towards best practices
The stretch of the river where the main campsite is located.


Collectively The Long Run members conserve over 21 million acres of biodiversity and improve the lives of 750,000 people. Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection’s commitment to conserving the 865 acres of the river valley on the southern border of the Cardamom National Forest in which it is located while preserving and respecting the cultural and historical heritage of the region, is closely aligned with The Long Run’s vision to embrace the highest standards of sustainability in the areas of the aforementioned 4Cs.


David Steyn, General Manager of Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection, said, “We are thrilled to be a member of The Long Run family and wholly support their commitment to their rigorous sustainability standards for the tourism industry and the 21,000,000 acres worldwide they currently protect. What we do at Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection, is very much aligned with their ethos and mission, so it is a perfect partnership to ensure that what is created today will be a legacy for future generations.”


working towards best practices
One of the luxury tents deep in the jungle.


Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection has an ambitious, long-term conservation goal of safeguarding the rare and endangered wildlife on the IUCN Red List of the region through its active support of the Wildlife Alliance. This vulnerable habitat is under threat and the conservation of this exceptional piece of nature is critical. Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection’s commitment to their community through the work of the Shinta Mani Foundation is dedicated to initiatives in education, healthcare, small business development and environmental preservation.


Their Hospitality School is a cornerstone of this strategy, providing essential vocational training and paving the way for secure livelihoods and building better lives. It is the hotel’s mission to ignite a ripple effect of positive impact contributing to a thriving and vibrant Cambodia.


working towards best practices
A zipline is the fastest way to cross the fast-flowing river.


Dr. Anne-Kathrin Zchiegner, Executive Director of The Long Run, added, “We are delighted at Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection joining the vibrant and dynamic community of The Long Run in our Asian regional hub. Our planet is undergoing unprecedented environmental change, impacting communities across the globe. Our collective future depends on managing all aspects of our interconnected global society and ecosystems. But we cannot do it alone, The Long Run community leads by example, collaborating to support holistic sustainability best practices across the conservation, commerce, community and cultural facets of tourism and nature-based businesses.”



Source: TravMedia.

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