Promising An Unparalleled Experience

Promising An Unparalleled Experience

Embodying a heady mix of no-filter landscapes, genuine hospitality, and a fascinating contrast of preserved ancient culture and an ultra-modern shine, Japan is as sensuous as it is enticing. Six Senses Kyoto marks the brand’s exciting entry into Japan, promising an unparalleled experience replete with cutting-edge wellness and feel-good spa facilities, an innovative dining concept and fascinating local adventures.


General Manager, Nicolas Black, said, “We are thrilled to announce our debut Six Senses opening in Japan. There couldn’t be a more fitting location than Kyoto in the cultural heart of Japan, where age-old sustainability traditions thrive and well-being is deeply ingrained in the way of life.”


Promising An Unparalleled Experience
Authentic Japanese traditions and décor run throughout.


Historically the capital and still thought to be the cultural and historical heart of Japan, Kyoto is famed for its Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, palaces, tea houses, traditional Japanese architecture, beautiful cherry blossoms and mountains covered in centuries-old cedar trees surrounding the city.


Opening its doors in the historic Higashiyama district, Six Senses Kyoto enjoys a prime location for guests to combine an urban sanctuary with the many delights on the doorstep including festivals and cultural events. Myoho-in Temple, Kyoto National Museum and Sanjusangen-do Buddhist Temple are all an easy walk from the hotel.


Promising An Unparalleled Experience
The living area in the Premier King Garden Suite.


Discovering Six Senses Kyoto


The 81 thoughtfully designed guest rooms and suites, ranging from 42 – 238-square-metres, are ingeniously arranged to offer views of the peaceful central courtyard, the gardens of the neighbouring Toyokuni Shrine, or the seductive city panorama of treetops, temples, tea shops and rooftops.


Authentic Japanese traditions and décor run throughout, with quirky touches inspired by folklore, The Moon Rabbit and the 11th-century classic Tale of Genji. The pinnacle of the accommodation is the Three-Bedroom Penthouse Suite. Secluded on the top floor of the hotel it is an oasis of calm, ideal for multi-generation travellers, or guests looking to host private events and get-togethers on the adjacent rooftop terrace.


Promising An Unparalleled Experience
Japan is full of striking traditional structures.


Visionary thinking BLINK Design Group, known for its expertise in global luxury hotels, brings the Six Senses brand values to life through elegant designs while maximising space, privacy and views. Interiors effortlessly merge authentic Japanese traditions with clean lines, an earthy colour palette, and meticulous attention to detail.


A Unique Journey Awaits


Discovery is at the heart of Six Senses Kyoto where guests can embark on enriching and immersive journeys with access to a multitude of hands-on experiences, including the captivating Earth Lab, an Alchemy Bar and a locally grown herb garden.


Promising An Unparalleled Experience
The spacious Kyoto Suite bedroom.


Six Senses Spa incorporates smart science, traditional healing and Japanese Zen culture into a unique wellness experience, offering an array of rejuvenating treatments and programmes deeply rooted in Kyoto’s culture and community.


Traditional male and female bath houses cocoon guests in warm ripples and steam, and the watery delights of traditional Japanese bathing extend to an indoor pool and Watsu. Yoga, meditation, aerial yoga, a state-of-the-art gym and Biohack Recovery Lounge are all available to help support guests’ wellness goals.


Expert guides are ready to lead guests on tailored adventures through hidden alleys, age-old temples and the vibrant markets of Kyoto, helping them unearth the stories that shape this ancient city and offer a taste and flavour of quintessential Japanese culture.


Promising An Unparalleled Experience
Take a dip in a relaxing onsen.


Flavour Sensations


Carefully designed menus bring the brand’s Eat With Six Senses ethos to Kyoto, mixing the best of what is grown to perfection locally and seasonally while keeping the well-being of guests and community front of mind. What results is a flavour sensation made from good food, good vibes, and good science.


Multi-sensory culinary experiences await at the relaxed all-day dining restaurant and counter-style sushi restaurant. Guests may eat indoors or out under clear skies while a meandering garden pathway leads to the cocktail lounge and bar offering a combination of European and Japanese cocktails.


For more information and reservations, call ++81 (0) 756 – 064 – 341 or email:


Source: Six Senses.

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