Green Development Mega-Project

Green Development Mega-Project

Pioneering new-generation green development mega-project Gardens of Eden has unveiled the second phase of their expansive 73-rai residential and lifestyle community on Bangtao Beach Phuket – as they zero in on the needs of families moving to the island from all over the world.


The visionary team at Gardens of Eden, a project already attracting high levels of interest from international buyers has orientated phase two exclusively for families with a deep and sincere intent to bring a new level of green living spaces and balanced well-being to the lives of the next generation.


Green Development Mega-Project
Executives celebrate the launch of the green development.


The company is working with internationally accredited environmental experts to reduce carbon emissions by carefully sculpting a sustainable natural biosphere throughout the development courtesy of leading-edge energy conservation practices and nature-inspired spaces for children to thrive in a safe and secure community.


A total of only 3O% of the land is being developed, while 70% is retained for green areas and open spaces, with all cars directed to an underground car park.


Green Development Mega-Project
The stunning beachfront villas overlook the ocean.


Amal Group corporate affairs advisor Ravi Chandran, said, “It is very significant that Gardens of Eden is placing such an emphasis on green living as buyers want to buy into the island lifestyle of Phuket, which is all about nature and its beauty. The vision is to have a family-friendly environment that embraces the wider community – taking a lead on the world’s most important subject on the island.”


Amal has commissioned Intrinsics, a leading-sustainable and well-being consultancy to conduct a feasibility study on the project’s landscaping development. Headed by founder and director Jerawan Srepetchdanon, the consultancy brings a deeper and more impactful meaning to the purpose and intent of the project’s landscaping elements beyond the aesthetics.


Green Development Mega-Project
The Gardens of Eden Pool Bar.


She acknowledges it is highly notable for a residential property developer in Phuket to place such importance on sustainability and the need to build up a collective awareness and responsibility in green initiatives. Initiatives to engage the community in Phuket includes partnering schools in programmes to promote awareness of sustainability and a healthy, active lifestyle.


“With this project we have the opportunity to restore the biomass density value of the land, which will be highly effective in reducing harmful carbon emissions. This can be achieved through careful and intentional green landscaping,” said Ms Jerawan.


Green Development Mega-Project
Ravi Chandran at the launch of the new lifestyle and community project.


Gardens of Eden is expected to feature vast green spaces such as natural parks and forests as well as wetland areas. She added that she is also identifying ways in which sustainability features can be amenities that residents are able to enjoy, such as creating natural swimming pools that use storm water treated naturally from the wetlands and undergo additional water treatment to make it safer for swimming.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle are facilities such as a 5,000-sqm wellness centre and a five-hectare park complete with fitness trails for walking, running and biking, and ample exercise stations, plus two kids’ clubs and a small water park. Natural landscaping will be designed to allow residents to relax and exercise in green spaces while appreciating their beauty.


Green Development Mega-Project
A walk through paradise at Gardens of Eden.


The 3rd and final phase of Gardens of Eden will feature water-fronting units for Lake Residences, to be announced in due course. For each of these three residences, the apartments will offer their own unique experiences with nature, offering landscapes and views that remind residents they are enjoying the luxury of nature.


For more information, call +66 (0) 2026 – 1297.



Source: Delivering Asia.

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