Green Conservation-Driven Holidays

Green Conservation-Driven Holidays

SAii, the free-spirited lifestyle brand from S Hotels and Resorts, is inviting its ‘InSAiiders’ – experience-seeking global explorers – to embark on green conservation-driven holidays in 2024 at its four highly sustainable resorts in Southern Thailand and the Maldives, including responsible encounters with native marine species such as sharks.


InSAiiders will be able to enjoy locally-inspired stays that have a positive impact on the planet and its people. Travellers will have opportunities to learn about local ecosystems and get involved in conservation programmes at the brand’s Marine Discovery Centres – in Koh Phi Phi and the Maldives. S Hotels & Resorts and parent company Singha Estate, are working towards the long-term goal of increasing key biodiversity, on land and sea, by 30% by 2030.


Green Conservation-Driven Holidays
Divers released a total of 30 sharks.


At SAii Phi Phi Island Village, the resident biologists at the Marine Discovery Centre have partnered with the Green World Foundation to protect flora and fauna. While surveying the mangrove forest near the resort, a remarkable discovery was made: a total of 292 species were identified, including the orbiculate cardinalfish – a species previously unrecorded in the Andaman area of Thailand. This finding suggests that this mangrove forest is an exceptionally rich ecosystem, creating a unique attraction for environmentally-conscious, experience-seeking travellers.


In addition, the coverage of seagrass at the resort has expanded by 158 square metres since 2022, and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with the local community in Koh Phi Phi to preserve biodiversity in 192,000-square-metres of nature. Under the SOS (Save Our Sharks) initiative, the resort’s marine biologists work with the Phuket Marine Biological Centre to release bamboo sharks into the Andaman Sea. Since this project commenced in 2021, 30 sharks have been released and 29 shark eggs have been laid in a dedicated nursery.


Green Conservation-Driven Holidays
A young bamboo sharks enters the wild.


In the Maldives, coral propagation efforts by the Marine Discovery Centre team at Crossroads Maldives led to a six-fold expansion of the local reef, and native species such as scalloped hammerhead sharks, bottlenose wedgefish and hawksbill sea turtles have been sighted in the area. A recent MoU with the Maldivian government has seen Crossroads Maldives’ conservation area being named as part of an Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECM) programme. The area covering 3.1-million-square-metres, approximately 31% of the total project size, is the largest protected marine area in the Indian Ocean.


Under the reimagined SAii Live Well concept, SAii’s resorts will encompass a wide range of in-stay initiatives that promote well-being, such as Eat Well, Sleep Well, Fit Well, Stay Well Spa, and Explore Well. Each resort will also strive to eliminate food waste with new locally sourced and homegrown menus, including the use of ingredients from organic gardens, and guests will also be able to engage in local cooking classes.


Green Conservation-Driven Holidays
Mature mangroves act as a natural barrier between sea and land.


Overall, SAii, S Hotels & Resorts and Singha Estate are also striving to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2030. To reach this ambitious target, SAii will progressively reduce its carbon emissions by 5% each year from 2024 onwards through a wide range of initiatives, including carbon tracking, waste reduction and green energy. The installation of solar panels in Thailand and the Maldives is expected to help lower carbon emissions by 20%.


Michael Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, S Hotels & Resorts, said, “At SAii, we understand that we have a duty to care for the environments and communities in which we operate. Every aspect of our operations is completely committed to preserving the balance of nature, and we have implemented energy, water and waste management programmes throughout our portfolio. And of course, we have eliminated single-use plastics. Through our Marine Discovery Centres in Thailand and the Maldives, which are expected to attract 50,000 visitors in 2024, we want to help our InSAiiders fulfill their goals of sustainable, experience-driven travel.”



Source: Delivering Asia.

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