A Series Of Wellness Retreats

A Series Of Wellness Retreats

Alma Resort, situated on Vietnam’s scenic Cam Ranh peninsula, has unveiled a series of wellness retreats featuring the likes of singing bowl meditation, hot stone therapy, yoga and detox and slimming treatments.


The resort’s Le Spa, which has 13 treatment rooms sprinkled onto the beachfront, has this month rolled out its Le Spa Wellness Journey, Le Spa Half Day Retreat and Detox and Slimming Programme designed to inspire participants to kick-start a healthier lifestyle and lay the foundations for a longer life.


A Series Of Wellness Retreats
Take a break with an Alma Wellness Retreat.


A three-day programme, the Le Spa Wellness Journey’s first day starts out with a 60-minute power yoga session, followed by a 30-minute body exfoliation and a 60-minute back-stone treatment. The second day comprises 60 minutes of singing bowl meditation or yoga, a 90-minute Detox and Slimming Treatment and 30 minutes of foot stone therapy. The Detox and Slimming Treatment is underpinned by a massage technique using a wooden Gua Sha instrument designed to improve microcirculation and lipolytic action, release the storage of toxins and tackle cellulite to help transform the upper and lower body.


The final day of the three-day retreat begins with 60 minutes of Hatha yoga before a 90-minute energising intensive facial treatment and 30 minutes of Healing Hands therapy that focuses on acupressure points to release blockages and prompt healing.


A Series Of Wellness Retreats
Alma uses boutique spa products.


The Le Spa Half Day Retreat and Detox and Slimming Program each start with a private 60-minute yoga and meditation class followed by a steam and sauna with fresh herbal aroma. The half day retreat also features a 30-minute body exfoliation and a 90-minute Le Spa Signature Treatment underscored by Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Shiatsu, and Thai stretching techniques that target pressure points and mirror the calming motion of gentle sea waves.


Meanwhile, the Detox and Slimming Programme is rounded out with the 90-minute Detox and Slimming Treatment and the 60-minute Fundamental Treatment; a facial treatment that is customised to the skin’s individual needs. All three retreats are complemented with healthy drinks and post-treatment snacks.


Le Spa’s manager Hoang Nguyen Minh Anh said although the retreats only ranged from half a day to three days, they were designed to inspire guests to appreciate the importance of learning how to relax and calm the body and mind, as well as learn of ways to release muscle tension and ease toxin blockages, in the hope “we can influence their everyday life once they’re back to reality”.


The wellness retreats include 60-minute power yoga sessions.
The retreats last for half a day up to three days.


“Each retreat makes for a unique wellness journey that starts out with yoga, that emphasises the importance of breathing and stretching, before deploying restorative treatments and ending with a healthy drink and snack,” she said. “We think of each wellness retreat as a potent reminder of the need to learn how to relax, which can be very hard amid all sorts of demands including work, family and life generally.”


The Le Spa Wellness Journey is priced at Bt11,300++ (VND 7.8 million), the Le Spa Half Day Retreat is Bt5,250++ (VND 3.6 million) and the Detox and Slimming Programme is Bt6,130++ (VND 4.2 million).


For more information and reservations, call +84 (0) 258 – 399 – 1666 or email: info@alma-resort.com.



Source: Balcony Media Group.

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