Celebratory 73rd Anniversary Reunion

Celebratory 73rd Anniversary Reunion

Suthini Jumsai aka Judy Wong, recently organised a celebratory 73rd anniversary reunion for the International School of Bangkok (ISB) alumni Class of 1968-1973 living in Thailand at the RBSC Polo Club. A few of the alumni joining the luncheon flew in from Hong Kong and the United States.


Joining the luncheon as a special guest was Dr. Sumet Jumsai, spouse of Suthini Jumsai and architect of the ISB campus at Nichada Thani.


Pictured from left: (front row): Dr. Sumet Jumsai, Herman Sze, Patty Pao Horwang, Netra Lee Ruthaiyanont, Suthini Jumsai, Man Lo Cheung, and Susie Lee Hansirisawasdi. (Second row from left): Peter Chie, Philip Lau, Paul Feng, Stanley Pao, Charles Hsu and William Sze.



Source: Krinbourne Kommunications.

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