An Extraordinary Adventure

An Extraordinary Adventure

Immerse yourself in a world of gastronomy enchantment at Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu, the renowned Michelin one-star restaurant at The Okura Prestige Bangkok, and its Winter Guestronomic Dining Journey. Embark on an extraordinary adventure in the grandest of sophistications from 4th January 2024 onward.


This impeccable dining experience promises to be nothing short of a magical symphony of winter flavours, under the masterful guidance of Chef Gerard Villaret Horcajo, a true culinary virtuoso. With his unparalleled passion for creating exceptional flavours, Chef Gerard has crafted an exquisite new creation that will tantalise patron’s taste buds. Witness his unwavering commitment to his artistry as he fuses seasonal enchantments and his own unique style on display at the captivating Winter Guestronomic Dining Journey, presenting a new set menu that perfectly captures winter’s tastes.


An Extraordinary Adventure
The culinary journey provides a mélange of flavours.


Capturing the fresh flavours of the cooler months with highlight dishes such as dry-aged Japanese sea bass with oyster, codium and dashi. The sea bass is aged to perfection and boasts a rich, intense flavour that pairs beautifully with the brininess of the oyster and the umami notes of the dashi. Codium, a nutritious seaweed, adds a touch of freshness and texture to this exquisite dish. Also a standout on the new menu is charcoal-grilled unagi with white soy, Hollandaise and unagi velouté. The smoky char from grilling enhances the natural sweetness of the freshwater eel, while white soy adds a delicate saltiness that balances perfectly with the richness of the Hollandaise sauce. The velvety unagi veloute ties all of the elements together to create a harmonious mélange of flavours.


For the essence of a classic winter warmer, elevated to sophisticated heights with the exquisite beef oxtail with winter truffle, bone marrow and hazelnuts. Hearty and rich, the tender beef oxtail is enhanced by the mild earthiness of the delicate winter truffle and given luscious depths by the bone marrow. The hazelnuts provide nutty undertones and a delightful crunch.


An Extraordinary Adventure
Chef Gerard’s beef oxtail with winter truffle.


Also synonymous with winter dining is venison and Chef Gerard celebrates the king of game meats with an offering of venison morels served with fermented berries and black cauliflower. This is a dish that truly showcases the richness of wild nature’s bounty. Succulent venison takes centre stage, cooked to juicy pink perfection. The morel’s distinct texture provides a satisfying contrast to the tender meat. To further elevate this masterpiece, fermented berries are incorporated to provide bursts of tangy-sweet acidity that cut through the richness of the venison, creating a beautiful balance on the palate.


Wrap up the perfect evening with a satisfying and refreshing Buddha’s hand citrus with lemon verbena and baba rhum vanilla, and let the taste buds embark on a delightful journey. The vibrant flavours of Buddha’s hand citrus will awaken the senses, leaving a zesty and reviving sensation on the palate.


An Extraordinary Adventure
The Winter Guestronomic Dining Journey is full of surprises.


The Winter Guestronomic Dining Journey is a testament to Chef Gerard’s dedication to his craft and drawing inspiration from the season’s bountiful offerings and infusing it with his own unique flair, he has curated the new seasonal menu that showcases the very best of winter flavours. It features the eight-course Mizu experience priced at Bt6,400++ per person; the six-course Chikyu experience priced at Bt4,900++ per person; and the four-course Ku-Ki experience priced at Bt4,100++ per person.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2687 – 9000 or email:



Source: The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

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