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Tropical Paradise For Travellers

Tropical Paradise For Travellers

Elite Havens, Asia’s premier luxury villa rental company, proudly introduces Goa, India as its latest tropical paradise for travellers seeking exceptional experiences. Renowned for its long coastline, lush countryside, vibrant culture and laid-back lifestyle, Goa beckons discerning travellers seeking exceptional experiences.


This strategic expansion is made possible through a collaboration with India’s leading luxury vacation home rental company, Lohono Stays by Isprava.


Tropical Paradise For Travellers
Bastora House offers guests a touch of tropical luxury.


The Allure Of Goa


Goa’s charm as a holiday destination lies in its accessibility and its capacity to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, making it a destination of choice for those seeking a tantalising food scene, cultural fusion and a climate that promises a diverse and enriching experience.


Elite Havens’ decision to introduce Goa aligns seamlessly with its commitment to offering culturally immersive getaways cocooned in the luxury its guests have come to expect. Each villa in the portfolio showcases a private pool, expansive living areas and an ambiance of exclusivity, privacy, and the renowned warm hospitality synonymous with an elite haven.


Tropical Paradise For Travellers
Villa Athena’s gorgeous pool and landscape gardens.


Crafting Extraordinary Experiences


With a dedicated team committed to crafting immersive experiences, Goa offers an array of must-do activities. From the exploration of historic cathedrals and ancient forts, delighting in the rich flavours of local delicacies and meandering through fragrant spice plantations, visitors are promised an odyssey that captures the true spirit of Goa.


With Elite Havens, travellers are assured an unforgettable, culturally immersive journey that celebrates the essence of this vibrant destination.


Tropical Paradise For Travellers
Glasshouse on the Bay provides guests with total privacy.


Goa offers convenient accessibility to international travellers. Mumbai serves as the major international entry point to India for Elite Havens’ core guest markets, including UK and Middle Eastern guests. Upon arriving in Mumbai, guests have the option of a brief domestic flight to reach the vibrant shores of Goa.


Elite Havens’ commitment to exceptional service includes offering comprehensive information to guests to help plan their journey to Goa, including the booking of private transfers and ongoing transportation throughout the stay.


Tropical Paradise For Travellers
A pool with an unusual view at Estate de Escobar.


Elite Havens proudly continues its thriving collaboration with Lohono Stays, a partnership initiated three years ago. This collaboration empowers Elite Havens to offer discerning travellers access to Goa’s most exceptional holiday homes, the epitome of luxury, privacy and an authentic taste of Indian traditions.


Maya Rigg, Chief Executive Officer of Elite Havens, expressed her delight for the successful collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to unveil this captivating destination. India has always held a special place in our hearts, and now our villas in Goa present India in a different light to avid travellers.”


Tropical Paradise For Travellers
Perfect for sundowners, the rooftop terrace at Villa Athena.


In Goa, Elite Havens’ dedication to excellence is vividly showcased in its carefully selected villa portfolio, thoughtfully curated by Rigg and Elite Havens Cluster Manager, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, Alan Porteous. “These villas represent the pinnacle of comfort and sophistication, each a masterpiece of architectural design and elegance. In a country known for its vibrant colours and warm hospitality, Elite Havens invites everyone to explore the remarkable contrasts that make India truly unique.”


Tropical Paradise For Travellers
The magnificent living space at Glasshouse on the Bay.


From the moment you step into these exclusive properties, such as Villa Athena, a two-storey contemporary masterpiece, Estate de Alta Palmiera, offering lakehouse living in tropical Goa, or Glasshouse on the Bay, a one-of-a-kind home built right on the edge of the water, you are enveloped in opulence and refinement that mirrors the grandeur of Goa’s cultural heritage.


Tropical Paradise For Travellers
Imagine hosting a private party poolside at Bastora House in Goa.


“I am thrilled to announce Elite Havens’ latest destination, Goa, India. We have personally curated a selection of the finest villas in Goa to allow our guests to experience Goa’s stunning coastline, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. Goa is the perfect addition to our portfolio, offering travellers the opportunity to experience elite luxury in this tropical paradise,” added Porteous.



Tropical Paradise For Travellers
Sleep in comfort in the master bedroom at Estate de Escobar.


Source: TravMedia.

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