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Best Pizza In Thailand

Best Pizza In Thailand

The culinary scene in Udon Thani welcomes an exciting new addition this month as internationally acclaimed Chef Paolo Vitaletti prepares to open his first Isaan outpost of the award-winning Peppina, voted best pizza in Thailand and 43rd best pizza in the world in 2022’s 50 Top Pizza awards.


Nestled within the elegant embrace of Centara Hotel Udon Thani, Peppina Verde promises a fun and informal international dining experience that marries classic Neapolitan technique and flavours with unique and innovative interpretations that lend a nod to their Isaan surroundings, such as the Laab Pizza topped with tuna, laab spices, garlic cream and Thai herbs.


Best Pizza In Thailand
Peppina Verde offers Isaan-inspired pizzas with laab.


Chef Paolo Vitaletti, renowned for his culinary prowess showcased at iconic establishments such as Peppina, Appia, Centara and Giglio Trattoria Fiorentina in Bangkok, presents Peppina Verde as a culinary voyage that celebrates the artistry of Neapolitan pizza, handcrafted pasta and the finest wood-fired meats. This gastronomic haven not only honours the rich traditions of Italian cuisine but also endeavours to make use of the huge wealth of exceptional Isaan produce. Peppina Verde will also feature an extensive array of premium cold cuts and cheeses freshly imported from Italy each week alongside ingredients such as Piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes and fresh truffle.


At the heart of Peppina Verde’s culinary narrative lies the essence of Neapolitan pizza, presented in both classic and modern interpretations. With a nod to the Neapolitan tradition, each pizza is lovingly handcrafted using the finest ingredients. Complementing this culinary showcase are exquisite handmade pasta dishes, meticulously prepared to evoke the soul of Italy’s diverse regions.


Best Pizza In Thailand
Another pizza goes into the wood-fired oven at Peppina.


The pièce de résistance of Peppina Verde’s culinary tapestry is its unparalleled selection of wood-fired meats. Locally sourced organic Black Angus beef from Khon Kaen takes centre stage, matured to perfection in Peppina Verde’s in-house dry-ageing facility. The result is a succulent and unparalleled flavour experience, a testament to Chef Paolo’s commitment to quality.


Peppina Verde, which officially opened its doors to discerning diners on 2nd November, invites you to savour their extensive menu of Neapolitan pizza, salads and meticulously sourced wood-fired meats. The restaurant will serve throughout the day, offering a captivating escape into the heart of Italy’s culinary treasures.


Best Pizza In Thailand
A mouthwatering burrata cheese, red onions and tomatoes.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 622 ­– 459 – 120 or email: peppinaudonthani@gmail.com.



Source: Delivering Asia.

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