Basque Grill Pop-Up

Basque Grill Pop-Up

UNO MAS restaurant in Bangkok is proud to announce the launch of a unique culinary experience with the Basque Grill pop-up. Set to captivate the senses from now on through February 2024, this extraordinary event promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Basque cuisine.


Prepare for a gastronomic adventure as the Basque Grill pop-up takes centrestage at the dining deck of UNO MAS. Meats and seafood will be expertly prepared over an open fire, showcasing the rich flavours and traditional cooking techniques of the Basque region. Highlights of the menu include the renowned El Capricho Chuleton, Txogixu Txistorra sausages, whole charred turbot, Kokotxas pil pil and the irresistible Basque cheesecake.


Basque Grill Pop-Up
Meat lovers will devour the Chateaubriand double beef tenderloin.


To complement the culinary delights, guests can enjoy a thoughtfully curated selection of fine, full-bodied Basque red wines, along with the refreshing notes of Txakoli and the traditional Basque cider, Sidra. The combination promises a well-rounded and authentic Basque dining experience.


Fresh from the Basque country, Chef Roberto Gonzales Alonso brings his expertise and passion to Bangkok, aiming to transport diners to the vibrant culinary landscape of northern Spain. With a focus on quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods, Chef Roberto is set to showcase the best of Basque gastronomy.


Basque Grill Pop-Up
Chef Roberto brings his culinary skills to Bangkok.


UNO MAS boasts a remarkable Wine Bar featuring an impressive eight-metre-tall glass wine tower, home to over 2,000 carefully curated bottles. This towering showcase of viniculture is not just a display; it’s an experience. Watch as “wine angels” gracefully soar to retrieve your selected bottle, ensuring a theatrical and memorable wine selection process.


For an unforgettable Spanish culinary journey, UNO MAS serves diners the diverse and vibrant flavours of Spain. From the height of its Wine Bar to the authenticity of its Tapas Bar and the innovation of its Dining Deck, UNO MAS promises a multisensory experience that captures the essence of Spanish culture in every detail.


Basque Grill Pop-Up
Meaty through and through, Txogixu Txistorra sausages.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2100 – 6255 or email:



Source: Centara Hotels & Resorts.

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