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A Splash Of Zest

A Splash Of Zest

Nimitr Restaurant and Rooftop Bar at the luxurious 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok, brings fresh ingredients from the family farm to add a splash of zest to Bangkok’s vibrant Thai dining scene.


As a boutique brand with a distinguished history of accolades, 137 Pillars is driven by an unwavering passion from the Wongphanlert family to showcase the captivating world of Thai herbs and spices. Nimitr Restaurant eagerly invites guests to explore the uniquely flavourful and healthy cuisines from the different corners of Thailand.


A Splash Of Zest
Gaeng Lueng Pla Salmon.


On the family farm in Ratchaburi to the southwest of Bangkok, they grow aromatics like turmeric, fingerroot and ginger that flavour many of the dishes served at Nimitr. Farming their own local produce reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint and ensures the quality and the freshness of the ingredients they grow.


“Because we grow some of our own produce, we feel more connected to the food we serve at Nimitr and it is another way we stay true to our core value and continuing mission in sustainable practices in reducing carbon footprint and supporting local businesses and farmers” said Nida Wonphanlert, General Manager of 137 Pillars Suites and Residences.


A Splash Of Zest
Miang Kham King Scallops.


Guests can create their own culinary adventure by ordering à la carte or from a special four-course set menu that includes all the elements of a traditional Thai meal. Diners may also choose a specially curated pairing of award-winning wines from GranMonte, Thailand’s premier winery.


Featured menu items include Miang Kham King Scallops, an appetiser that harmonises an array of herbs and vegetables, including lemongrass, crisply fried betel leaves, coconut, and shallots, all crowned with succulent king scallops, and Grilled Thai Wagyu Beef served with Chakram Leaves Salad and Duck Egg, a quintessential Thai salad. The chakram leaves lend a unique briny essence, originating from Thailand’s coastal provinces, and pair divinely with the coconut sauce and Wagyu beef, delivering a medley of fresh and savoury notes.


A Splash Of Zest
Grilled Thai Wagyu Beef, Chakram Leaves Salad and Duck Egg.


For enthusiasts of traditional Thai cuisine or for diners who like to be bold, add a little Nam Prik or one of the inhouse chili pastes that embodies the essence of Thai cuisine. Poo Lon, a delectable relish from Central Thailand crafted from high-quality soft-shell crab, crab meat, coconut, chili, and an assortment of mixed herbs, is served as a richly flavoured dip for local vegetables and herbs.


Thailand is renowned for its piquant soups and Nimitr serves a cherished Northeastern Thai specialty: Tom Sab Kai Mod Dang Pla Yang. This warm soup combines a herbal blend of lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal and basil leaves, accompanied by crispy red ant eggs and seared tuna, creating a tantalising array flavours.


A Splash Of Zest
Nimitr Restaurant and Rooftop Bar.


For your main course, diners can choose between Gaeng Lueng Pla Salmon – a unique curry with a vibrant yellow tint and a complex blend of spices derived from mixed herbs and chili paste from the South of Thailand, and Gai Yang with Ma Kham, a contemporary interpretation of a beloved Thai classic. This innovative dish of grilled free-range baby chicken marinated with tamarind sauce and Thai condiments delivers a delectable and health-conscious choice for discerning diners.


Immerse yourself in the innovative and tasteful world of Thai cuisine at Nimitr Restaurant and be mesmerised by the amazing skyline views and rich dining experience as delivered by Thailand’s diverse regions.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2079 – 7000 or email: contact@137pillarsbangkok.com.



Source: 137 Pillars Bangkok.

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