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Traditional Purification Ceremony

Traditional Purification Ceremony

Tanah Gajah, a Resort by Hadiprana, is tapping into the sacredness of its grounds by offering guests a traditional Purification Ceremony experience on-site. The water-based ritual, a tradition on the island that helps people wash away what no longer serves them, has become increasingly popular with visitors to the island over the years.


Previously the resort looked to surrounding temples for support before realising that the property, rich in temples and history, was not only a more convenient option, but just as special.


“The village of Bedulu, near our resort, was the capital of Bali’s first ancient kingdom of Bedahulu, with the territory spreading to the surrounding area,” explained Deasy Swandarini, general manager of the resort. “Some of our local residents believe artifacts from the ancient kingdom are still buried deep under the village of Tengkulak and even our property, Tanah Gajah Ubud.”


Traditional Purification Ceremony
The purification ceremony purifies both body and soul.


The Petanu river, one of the island’s most sacred rivers, also flows in front of the resort.


“Learning all these stories of the rich history that surrounds our location, we felt our property was the ideal location to host the purification ceremony,” added Swandarini.


The purification ceremony, known locally as Melukat, is a spiritual cleansing ritual that locals participate in to wash away bad spirits and purify both body and soul. Not just for locals and spiritual seekers the experience is of interest to those keen to learn more about Balinese culture.


Traditional Purification Ceremony
A walkway at the resort crosses the Petanu river.


The 60-minute ceremony is performed by a Hindu priest who begins by chanting ancient Sanskrit mantras. Prayers take place, offerings are made and incense and water are used to cleanse throughout the ritual. The water purifies in multiple ways – being poured, drunk and dappled – but guests are not fully immersed (although a change of clothes is required).


The ritual is best performed in the morning and bookings are typically made for 7am. The price is Bt1,500++ (IDR650,000++) per person with a minimum booking of two people.


For more information and reservations, call +62 (0) 361 – 975 – 685 or email: info@tanahgajahubud.com.



Source: Balcony Media Group.

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