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Premium Travel Lifestyle Brand

Premium Travel Lifestyle Brand

Cathay has announced that its new premium travel lifestyle brand is officially rolling out to markets around the world, celebrating passion for travel as a way of living under the “Cathay” master brand and simplifying the way customers interact with the company.


Cathay represents much more than airline travel. It represents an evolution into a premium travel lifestyle brand consisting of a host of complementary categories – flights, holidays, shopping, dining, wellness and payment. Asia Miles is the currency to earn and burn under these pillars.


Premium Travel Lifestyle Brand
A passenger is on the move from The Pier, Cathay’s First Class Lounge.


Around the world, Cathay will now be the master brand while Cathay Pacific remains the brand of the airline.


Chief Executive Officer Ronald Lam, said, “This month of September marks 77 years since the Cathay story first began with a single Douglas DC-3 aircraft nicknamed ‘Betsy’ and a drive to connect the world and its people. As the habits and needs of our customers have changed over the years, so too have we. Our evolution into Cathay marks an exciting new chapter in our history, and reflects our renewed focus on the customer and our determination to fulfil our vision of becoming one of the world’s greatest service brands.”


Premium Travel Lifestyle Brand
Ronald Lam, Chief Executive Officer at Cathay.


Customers across the globe can look forward to an array of new and aspirational offerings in holidays, shopping, dining, wellness and payment, providing more opportunities for Cathay to engage with its customers every day.


To celebrate the rollout of Cathay around the world and inspired by its purpose to move people forward in life, the brand has launched its first global campaign in three years – Feels Good To Move. This campaign is a celebration of humanity’s innate urge to move, starting from our very first heartbeat, and every piece of content is an irresistible call to get moving.


Premium Travel Lifestyle Brand
A passenger enjoys the comfort of Cathay’s First Class.


Edward Bell, General Manager of Brand, Insights and Marketing Communications, added, “This campaign goes straight to the heart of why Cathay exists as a premium travel lifestyle brand – a brand that aims to enable us to live the premium travel lifestyle, every day. Since our beginnings, Cathay has always been about forward progress. Restlessness is in our DNA. This campaign is a celebration of how good it feels to move.”


For more information, call +66 (0) 2028 – 0957.



Source: Media OutReach.

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