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A Delectable Culinary Canvas

A Delectable Culinary Canvas

Unveiling a delectable culinary canvas that captures the autumn months on a plate, Chef Gerard Villaret Horcajo, Chef de Cuisine at Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu, excites taste buds with an Autumn Guestronomic Dining Journey highlighting finest seasonal produce prepared with all the savoir faire of French cuisine laced with exquisite Japanese touches and hints of spring.


Chef Gerard’s new seasonal menu showcases dishes created with unique techniques and myriad flavours that are sure to delight connoisseurs. Commenting on his latest picture-perfect offerings, Chef Gerard says, “I love the transition from the warmer months to the cooler breezes of autumn when nature gives us a new palette to work with, but I like to enhance this produce with uplifting flavours that are more associated with spring. And with this new seasonal menu I have been able to use eclectic modern cooking techniques and equipment to create dishes that are both sophisticated and fun. I hope this autumn dining journey will give our discerning patrons as much gustatory pleasure at the table as it has given me and my team in its preparation in the kitchen.”


A Delectable Culinary Canvas
An exquisite fillet of Japanese rock fish.


Savoury stars of the Autumn Guestronomic Dining Journey include Japanese rock fish ukkari kasago with garum Hollandaise, codium seaweed and Normandy cockles; French ceps (mushrooms) with topinambur, black truffle béchamel and mimolette cheese; a scrumptious autumnal main-course of suckling pig with fermented red cabbage sauce and chestnuts stuffed with morels; and a delicate seasonal dessert of kabocha cheesecake and yuzu with hazelnut praline, brioche ice cream and pumpkin spices.


Revamped cooking techniques adopted by Chef Gerard include ageing processes to fashion dishes such as Dry-aged Madai and Bluefin tuna with mirugai giant clam, sesame leaf and tomatoes grown in the spring and then preserved to intensify flavour; and Jean Larnaudie foie gras Tatin using preserved artichokes together with French shallots and marukome shiro miso. Another fantastic upgrade to a favourite dish of North Sea langoustine with ninjin, Vadouvan sauce and lovage is the use of ‘living salt’, which creates an exciting new cooking reaction.


A Delectable Culinary Canvas
Hokkaido Hotate: food in its purest form.


The beautiful culinary canvas of the Autumn Guestronomic Dining Journey plays on the mild, warm and well-balanced flavours of the current season’s produce enhanced by the tangy, sharp and acidic flavours of preserved and fermented ingredients inspired by the spring months.


Enjoy the new Autumn Guestronomic Dining Journey at Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu from 23rd September onwards. It features the eight-course Mizu experience priced at Bt6,200++ per person; the six-course Chikyu experience priced at Bt4,800++ per person; and the four-course Ku-Ki experience priced at Bt4,100++ per person.


For more information and reservations, call +66 (0) 2687 – 9000 or email: elements@okurabangkok.com.



Source: The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

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