MyFriend Your Pet’s App

MyFriend Your Pet’s App

Linda Pantanella Nilson, co-founder of MyFriend Your Pet’s App, recently hosted an exclusive luncheon for a group of English-language media who are also devoted pet parents at About Eatery Italian Restaurant where she shared information and the latest developments about the first, 360-degree bilingual (Thai & English) pet-related mobile application to be launched in the Thai market.


MyFriend Your Pet’s App
The MyFriend Your Pet’s app is an interactive, community-based pet-friendly app.


According to Linda, “MyFriend app is a trustworthy, one-stop platform to serve and fit in with and fulfill the lifestyles of a close-knit community of like-minded pet parents and pet lovers. As content and community are key without which the app will not work, our focus is on featuring educational and healthcare content approved by Chulalongkorn veterinarians, organising online marketing and offline events on a regular basis in addition to other functions and services which are scheduled to be completed within 2022. MyFriend aims to be a full super app with a huge list of features aggregated in one app to cater to devoted pet parents, our partners and suppliers alike.”


For more information about the MyFriend app, call +66 (0) 2123 – 8744 or email:




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